Portraits of Chair Mandelman and Vice Chair Melgar

Supervisors Mandelman and Melgar Re-Elected Chair and Vice-Chair

During the first Transportation Authority Board meeting of the year, District 8 Supervisor Rafael Mandelman was re-elected as Chair and District 7 Supervisor Myrna Melgar as Vice-Chair. The leadership team will guide the agency’s transportation policy, funding, planning, and project delivery efforts in the coming year.

Chair Mandelman has served as Transportation Authority Board Chair since 2021 and Supervisor Melgar has served as Vice-Chair since 2022.

The Transportation Authority Board acting in its capacity as the Treasure Island Mobility Management Agency also re-elected District 6 Supervisor Matt Dorsey and Supervisor Mandelman as its Chair and Vice-Chair, respectively. The TIMMA is charged with implementing the multi-modal transportation program to support ongoing development on Treasure Island.

Chair Dorsey has served as TIMMA Board Chair since 2022 and Supervisor Mandelman has served as Vice-Chair since 2022.

At the January 23 Transportation Authority Board meeting, Executive Director Tilly Chang presented the agency’s 2023 Annual Report. Among the agency’s major accomplishments were the completion of the Yerba Buena/I-80 Southgate Interchange Project and groundbreaking for the West Side Bridges Project. The West Side Bridges and upcoming Hillcrest Road Improvement project will re-build the bridges and roadways connecting Treasure Island to the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and add a regional multi-use pathway as part of the Bay Skyway Phase 1 transbay program that links bicyclists and pedestrians from the east bay to Treasure Island, and to San Francisco’s Ferry terminal via clean electric ferries.

Review the draft 2023 Transportation Authority Annual Report (PDF)

The Transportation Authority will pursue several important initiatives in 2024, including advancing citywide and neighborhood transportation plans and studies: 

The Transportation Authority will also be working collaboratively on the delivery of Caltrain’s Electrification Project, exploring a potential regional transportation funding and transit reform measure for 2026, advancing major capital project funding plans for The Portal (Caltrain/High-Speed Rail Extension to Salesforce Transit Center), supporting Muni and BART capital programs, as well as providing input on autonomous vehicle policies and legislation.

The Treasure Island Mobility Management Agency will be supporting the existing neighborhood and the more than 8,000 new housing units planned, by updating the congestion management features of the Treasure Island Transportation Improvement Program, in consultation with Island residents and other community members. This includes providing options to promote walking and biking, providing frequent and reliable transit, improving Muni bus stops and ferry facilities, and managing vehicle congestion. The Treasure Island Transportation Improvement Program’s goal is to make Treasure Island one of San Francisco’s most walkable, affordable and transit rich neighborhoods, supporting overall community health and livability.

The Transportation Authority and TIMMA Boards each consist of the 11 members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, who elect a chair and vice-chair each January and act as agency Board Members.

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