San Francisco’s Equity Priority Communities include a diverse cross-section of populations and communities that could be considered disadvantaged or vulnerable now and in the future. Equity Priority Communities can have high levels of households with minority or low-income status, seniors, people who have limited English proficiency, people who have disabilities, and more. 


Explore a dynamic map of San Francisco's Equity Priority Communities.

A screenshot of the Equity Priority Communities interactive map



Transportation Planning and Funding

Various regional and local agencies use Equity Priority Community designation as a factor to prioritize transportation projects and funding. This includes:

  • Transportation Authority Lifeline Transportation Program.
  • Projects funded by the Transportation Authority’s Neighborhood Program.
  • Metropolitan Transportation Commission competitive grant programs, such as the One Bay Area Grant program and the Lifeline Transportation Program.
  • Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s regional community-based transportation planning grant funding.
  • California’s Active Transportation Program gives higher scores to projects in communities designated as “disadvantaged,” according to CalEnviroScreen, however Equity Priority Communities are accepted as a regional definition of “disadvantaged community.” The Metropolitan Transportation Commission assigns higher scores to projects that benefit Equity Priority Communities in its regional Active Transportation Program.
  • Planning activities conducted by San Francisco city and county agencies, including analyzing the City’s Vision Zero High-Injury Network through an equity lens.

2017 Update to Boundaries

As a regional planning authority, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s equity analysis for Equity Priority Communities measures disadvantaged communities at a larger geography using census tracts. In 2017, the Transportation Authority conducted a similar analysis at a more detailed level using census block groups in order to more accurately capture San Francisco’s disadvantaged communities.

The 2017 San Francisco Equity Priority Communities map includes the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s analysis along with the Transportation Authority’s finer analysis. The Transportation Authority coordinated this effort with the SFMTA, Metropolitan Transportation Commission, and San Francisco Planning Department.


Transportation Authority Board memo (PDF), and presentation (PDF) (Presented April 11, 2017)