The San Francisco County Transportation Authority has a set of policies in place which provide a framework for its strategic and day-to-day activities. Summary descriptions of these policies, along with links to the board-approved documents, are below.

Administrative Code

The purpose of the Administrative Code is to provide the general framework for Transportation Authority activities.

Administrative Code (PDF)

Rules of Order

The purpose of the Rules of Order is to provide guidance on how the Transportation Authority Board and Committee meetings are conducted.

Rules of Order (PDF)

Investment Policy

The purpose of the Investment Policy is to organize and formalize investment-related activities, and to set out policies and procedures that enhance opportunities for prudent and systematic investment of Transportation Authority assets. Transportation Authority investment policies and practices are, in every case, subject to and limited by applicable provisions of federal and state laws and to prudent money management principles. All funds will be invested in accordance with the Transportation Authority's Investment Policy, and applicable provisions of Chapter 4 of Part 1 of Division 2 of Title 5 of the California Government Code (Sections 53600 et seq.). The investment of bond proceeds will be further restricted by the provisions of relevant bond documents This policy covers all funds and investment activities under the jurisdiction of the Transportation Authority.

Investment Policy (PDF)

Fiscal Policy

The Fiscal Policy is designed to guide decisions pertaining to internal fiscal management, including day-to-day operations, annual budget development, and sales tax revenue allocation requirements of the Transportation Authority. It is consistent with the Transportation Authority's Administrative Code, the current Proposition K Sales Tax Expenditure Plan, federal and state regulations, and general prudent accounting and financial management practices.

Fiscal Policy (PDF)

Debt Policy

The purpose of the Debt Policy is to organize and formalize debt issuance-related policies and procedures for the Transportation Authority and to establish a systematic debt policy. The debt policies and practices of the Transportation Authority are, in every case, subject to and limited by applicable provisions of state and federal laws and to prudent debt management principles.

Debt Policy (PDF)

Sunshine Policy

The purpose of the Sunshine Policy is to insure that the Transportation Authority serves the public with open public decision making as required by the Ralph M. Brown Act and the Public Records Act.

Sunshine Policy (PDF)

Racial Equity Action Plan

The Racial Equity Action Plan was developed at the end of 2020 and serves as a strategic plan focused on advancing more equitable internal processes.

Racial Equity Action Plan (PDF)