September 21, 2021

San Francisco is planning for new Caltrain stations to better connect the Southeast neighborhoods.
September 20, 2021

With schools back in session for in-person learning, many students and families are commuting again. The Transportation Authority will be conducting a School Access Plan to provide recommendations that improve transportation options for K-5 students and their families.
September 17, 2021

The Transportation Authority is committed to advancing equity by providing disadvantaged, local, and small business enterprise firms with opportunities to do business with our agency and to participate in contracts funded with federal, state, and local dollars.
September 14, 2021

The Transportation Authority Board advanced $410,000 in funds from the Prop AA vehicle registration fee for renovations to Chinatown’s Joice Alley. Improvements will include new streetlights and sidewalk repairs to create a well-lit and safer walking experience.
August 31, 2021

Agency staff have prepared a proposed toll policy for businesses and workers on Treasure Island, based on public input and technical analysis. 
August 24, 2021

In light of the changing and fluid conditions surrounding traffic conditions and transit use, the Transportation Authority is extending the timeline of the Downtown Congestion Pricing Study to next year.
August 23, 2021

Many students and workers are commuting again. We’ve compiled some updates and great incentives from our transit partners to help you plan your transit trips.
August 18, 2021

This month marked the commencement of the Anza Bike Lanes Project with improvements including bike lanes, high visibility crosswalks, and more. The Transportation Authority provided $220,000 in Neighborhood Program funds to support the planning, design, and construction of the project.
August 10, 2021

Every year, the Transportation Authority provides about $10 million in half-cent sales tax for transportation funding to support the SF Paratransit program. This funding supports over one-third of operating costs for accessible taxis, pre-scheduled van trips, inter-county trips, and group van trips to senior centers.
August 04, 2021

Well-maintained streets provide critical infrastructure for safe mobility. The Transportation Authority Board approved $3 million in funding from the half-cent sales tax for transportation to resurface 36 blocks of Golden Gate Avenue and Laguna Street.
August 02, 2021

Quick-build designs include a two-way protected bikeway on the water side of the road, northbound vehicle lane reduction, and expanded curbside loading near the Ferry Building to help improve safety, mobility, connectivity, and accessibility for all users of the Embarcadero.
July 28, 2021

We provided over $3.3 million in half-cent sales tax for transportation funds and vehicle registration fee funds to support major streetscape and infrastructure improvements along Haight Street.
July 27, 2021

The District 4 Mobility Study explores ways to increase walking, biking, and transit use in the Outer Sunset and Parkside neighborhoods. This month our board gave initial approval of the draft final report.
July 09, 2021

This project will transform Taraval Street to enhance safety, reduce travel time, and improve reliability. We've allocated over $20 million in half-cent sales tax and Prop AA vehicle registration fee funds for the construction of the next phase of improvements.