Maps & Data from the Transportation Authority

We map data on transportation projects, congestion, and more to help policy makers and the public better understand the city's transportation network.

Screenshot of COVID-Era Congestion Tracker

COVID-Era Congestion Tracker

Explore how congestion in San Francisco has changed since the March 2020 shelter-in-place order.

A screenshot of the map tool

Long-Term Congestion Tracker

Explore how congestion in San Francisco has changed over time. 

A screenshot of the MyStreetSF tool


View projects that we fund or oversee in our role as the Congestion Management Agency for San Francisco. 

Bay Area Low Income Transit Use Map

Bay Area Transit Riders Map

This map shows transit trip patterns of regional riders.

A screenshot of the TNCs and Congestion map

TNCs and Congestion

Explore how ride-hail companies Uber and Lyft have affected congestion in San Francisco.

A screenshot of the map tool

TNCs Today

View ride-hail vehicle activity in San Francisco by time of day and time of week. 

A screenshot of the Equity Priority Communities interactive map

Equity Priority Communities

San Francisco’s Equity Priority Communities include a diverse cross-section of populations and communities that could be considered disadvantaged or vulnerable now and in the future.

Screenshot of the Travel Demand Tool

Travel Demand Tool

This tool estimates the number, type, and common destinations of new trips that people would take to and from a new development project. We developed this tool with SF Planning.

interactive map showing jobs accessibility

San Francisco Transportation Plan: 2050 Statement of Needs

Learn about San Francisco's projected transportation challenges for the year 2050.

Explore a map of pedestrian and bicycle collisions in San Francisco

Bicycle and Pedestrian Collision Data

View pedestrian and bicycle collision data.

Maps & Data from Other Sources

Explore maps and data from our local and regional partners.

A screenshot of an MTC chart

Vital Signs

MTC Vital Signs compiles dozens of indicators that measure regional progress on a specific topic, such as average commute time or median home price. 

A screenshot of the Vision Zero High-Injury Network map

Vision Zero High-Injury Network

San Francisco's Vision Zero High-Injury Network identifies high injury corridors where targeted investments can help save lives and reduce severe injuries.