Market Street transportation modesModifications to rail alignment and signals at key Muni Metro intersections can address bottlenecks to improve reliability and travel time. Dedicating a lane on freeways that traverse San Francisco to carpoolers and express buses (HOV lanes) will encourage drivers to make smart transportation choices and will speed up travel.

Draft Policy Recommendations

Efficiency and Expansion Projects:  

  • Support coordinated design and delivery of major capital projects, e.g. capacity improvements at the Embarcadero and Montgomery BART stations with the Transbay Transit Center and Better Market Street
  • Coordinate transit investment with SFMTA and with land use development plans with the Planning Department through the Transportation Investment and Growth Strategy
  • Support identification and development of Transit Performance Initiative projects that invest in existing core transit infrastructure to improve reliability, efficiency and travel time
  • Increase partnerships with the region, counties, and Caltrans to identify and promote San Francisco’s priorities for the regional freeway network (multimodal corridor management), including FasTrak development. local signals investment strategy
  • Support the Planning Department’s update of the General Plan Transportation Element 

Investment Recommendations

transparent spacer image SFTP INVESTMENT VISION

Efficiency and Expansion Projects.  Invest $1.44B over the Plan period in new projects and studies to raise the operational efficiency of our system and meet the demands of growth.  In addition to the Baseline projects, the Plan includes:

  • Continued rapid transit network development for improved travel time and reliability (e.g., Transit Effectiveness Project (TEP); Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) on Geary, Geneva and Potrero/Bayshore
  • Set a vision for management of the City’s freeway management through the Freeway Performance Initiative (FPI)
  • Identify the City’s long range transit network development priorities for BART, Caltrain, and Muni.

Efficiency Projects.  In addition to the projects listed above, the SF Vision Investment Scenario includes:

  • $500M over the Plan period for BART Metro, increasing service capacity and reliability to San Francisco
  • $130M over the Plan period to implement recommendations of the Freeway Performance Initiative (FPI)
  • Fully fund the M-line West Side alignment and grade separation