An aerial view of Market Street

Photo: Thomas Hawk, flickr


ConnectSF is a multi-agency collaborative process to build an effective, equitable, and sustainable transportation system for San Francisco’s future. ConnectSF has defined a 50-year vision of San Francisco’s future that represents our priorities, goals, and aspirations as a city within the larger Bay Area. That vision is  guiding plans for the City and its transportation system as agencies work to identify needed transit, streets, and highway improvements to achieve that vision.

Between now and 2021, ConnectSF will help inform the following transportation plans and policy documents:


Visit the the ConnectSF website to learn more.

Project/Study Partners

Office of the Mayor


SF Planning

San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development



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The San Francisco Transportation Plan is the citywide, long-range investment and policy blueprint for San Francisco’s multimodal transportation system.

The Subway Vision explores the expansion of San Francisco's subway network.