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The San Francisco Transportation Plan is the citywide, long-range investment and policy blueprint for San Francisco’s transportation system. The plan analyzes every transportation mode, every transit operator, and all streets and freeways every four years.

San Francisco Transportation Plan 2050 

The 2050 plan will establish the city’s transportation priorities for 30 years of investments and positions San Francisco for regional, state, and federal funding. The plan will analyze all transportation modes, operators, and networks to achieve the city’s transportation goals and ConnectSF vision.

Coinciding with the San Francisco Transportation Plan process, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission is conducting its regional plan known as Plan Bay Area 2050. The projects prioritized in the San Francisco Transportation Plan will inform Plan Bay Area. The Transportation Authority will adopt the San Francisco Transportation Plan concurrently with the adoption of Plan Bay Area in 2021.

See previous San Francisco Transportation Plans.

The San Francisco Transportation Plan Development Process

The Transportation Authority Board, comprised of the 11 members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, adopts the San Francisco Transportation Plan approximately every four years. The 2050 plan is also one of the components of ConnectSF, a multi-agency partnership to build an effective, equitable and sustainable transportation system for our future. Staff from SF Planning and SFMTA are working together with Transportation Authority staff to deliver the 2050 plan.

A graphic of how ConnectSF informs the SFTP, and the SFTP informs Plan Bay Area


Hugh Louch, Deputy Director for Planning


Visualizing our 2050 Statement of Needs

Learn more about the transportation challenges and gaps we identified as part of our 2050 Statement of Needs (PDF). You can also view the Transportation Authority Board Presentation (PDF) or take a tour of the interactive maps below.


Reports & documents

Previous San Francisco Transportation Plans

San Francisco Transportation Plan 2040 Update (released 2017)

The 2017 minor update builds off the plan passed in 2013. The 2017 update:

  • Reaffirms the 2013 plan’s goals, investment, and supporting policy recommendations
  • Includes a progress report on projects, policies, and planning studies
  • Revises transportation funding revenue forecasts, updates project costs, and reassesses projects previously identified for funding
  • Includes an overview of existing and future conditions—such as population and employment growth, traffic congestion, and affordability trends that impact San Francisco’s transportation system
  • Identifies new planning efforts and policy papers that are underway or anticipated to begin soon that will focus on key issues facing San Francisco. 

These analyses guided advocacy in the update to Plan Bay Area 2040, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s federally and state-mandated regional planning effort. 

2017 San Francisco Transportation Plan Update (PDF)

San Francisco Transportation Plan 2040 (released 2013)

The 2013 San Francisco Transportation Plan articulated two transportation investment scenarios through 2040, identified potential new revenues and established an Early Action Program for the first five years of investments. In addition, the 2013 plan includes policy recommendations and strategic initiatives to complement the investment scenarios as well as in-depth analysis on circulation in the growing core of the city, transportation equity, visitor trips, and project delivery.

San Francisco Transportation Plan 2040 (PDF)

Appendix A Plan Development Process

Appendix B Needs Analysis White Paper

Appendix C Core Circulation Study

Appendix D Revenue Assumptions

Appendix E Outreach Summary

Appendix F Transportation Equity Analysis

Appendix G Summary of SFTP Policy Recommendations

Appendix H Small Project Delivery White Paper

Appendix I Large Project Delivery White Paper

Appendix J Plan Performance Summary

Appendix K SF Travel At a Glance

Countywide Plan (released 2004)

The first plan, the Countywide Transportation Plan, was adopted by the Transportation Authority Board in July 2004, and established the City's investment strategy and policy initiatives for the sector through a technical and community-based planning process. 

2004 Countywide Plan (PDF)

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