Community partnerships for trip reduction

School ride-sharing photoThe public sector alone can’t meet San Francisco’s transportation needs. Some needs may be better met by empowering and collaborating with the private sector and communities. The SFTP increases support for cost-effective employer, school and community trip reduction partnerships. These multimodal investments and demand management, including congestion pricing downtown and on Treasure Island, account for half the performance benefits of the SFTP.

Draft Policy Recommendations

Transportation Demand Management (TDM)

  • Implement the recommendations of the TDM Partnership Program including a SFMTA Shuttle Partners Program
  • Explore an area-wide parking cap or employer trip reduction programs for SoMa/Mission Bay
  • As Congestion Management Agency, coordinate with Planning Department to review and monitor employer trip reduction/management plans for new developments with significant peak period vehicle trips
  • Support SFMTA’s regulatory programs to allow safe integration of 3rd party providers
  • Support development and implementation of the Transportation Sustainability Program
  • Further evaluate potential congestion pricing program for the Northeast Cordon.

Investment Recommendations


transparent spacer image SFTP INVESTMENT VISION

Transportation Demand Management.  Increase investment to $2M/year for expanded employer, school, and community trip reduction programs.

  • Mobility management support for Community Based Organizations (CBOs) (e.g. Bayview vehicle-sharing)
  • Bikeshare/carshare initiatives (addresses affordability)
  • Parking management
  • Employer policies
  • Partnerships with Employers /CBOs/ Schools
  • Regulate and coordinate with third party transportation service providers
Congestion Pricing: Northeast Cordon and Treasure Island. Seek federal financing for capital start-up costs.  
  Transportation System and Demand Management.  Increase investment to over $3.5M/year for expanded employer, school, and community trip reduction programs.