15 Bayview Express bus along road with waterfront in background

Photo by SFMTA Photography Department

Bayview-Hunter’s Point is nestled along the southeastern waterfront of San Francisco and is home to many historical buildings, recreation areas, and local businesses. The district is one of the city’s predominantly Black neighborhoods and has developed into a diverse community with a culturally rich and historically signficant role in advocating for and advancing community-based transportation improvements. The Transportation Authority has been a proud partner on major investments such as the Muni T-Third Light Rail Project and several notable, more recent initiatives:

The return of the 15 Bayview Express
In late 2019, at the request of District 10 Transportation Authority Board member Shamann Walton, the Transportation Authority initiated the 15 Third Bus Study in coordination with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. The 15 Third Bus Study was part of the Transportation Authority’s Neighborhood Program and analyzed ways to improve transit access for Bayview-Hunters Point residents to downtown. The study resulted in the return of bus service on Third Street in the form of the 15 Bayview Express Muni route

15 Bayview Express stopped at a bus stop

Quick-Build improvements 
In April 2021, the SFMTA completed Quick-Build improvements along Evans Avenue, Hunters Point Boulevard, and Innes Avenue which included protected bikeways, crosswalk safety improvements, and murals by local artists. The Transportation Authority provided over $400,000 in half-cent sales tax funds to help SFMTA plan, design and deliver the protected bikeway and safety improvements. The improvements were identified and prioritized by community members through the Bayview Community-Based Transportation Plan, a community-driven planning effort led by SFMTA. 

Pedestrian safety improvements
In March 2023, the Transportation Authority Board approved more than $2.7 million in sales tax for transportation funds to support the construction of pedestrian safety improvements recommended in the Bayview Community-Based Transportation Plan. The funding will be used by SFMTA to construct flashing beacons at two intersections, Innes Avenue and Arelious Walker Drive, and Apollo Street and Williams Avenue, and 15 bulbouts at high priority locations identified in the plan. These improvements will help improve pedestrian visibility and safety in the community. The project is expected to be open for use by September 2024.

Intersection of Apollo and Williams in the Bayview District, pedestrians cross in crosswalk

Exploring how to connect the Bayview to regional transit
The Transportation Authority is currently conducting the Bayview Caltrain Station Location Study which will recommend the selection of a single new location for the Caltrain station in the Bayview and prepare the station for environmental approval. This station would restore Caltrain access for the Bayview community following the closure of the Paul Avenue station, and provide regional connections for travelers from the Peninsula to the southeast portion of San Francisco. 

Map of Caltrain stations in the Bayview, showing the existing Bayshore station, as well as new potential stations at Evans Avenue and Oakdale Avenue.

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This study focused on improving residents’ access to groceries, health appointments, after-school programs, and other important services.

The Bayview Caltrain Station Location Study will recommend the selection of a single new Caltrain station location in the Bayview, prepare the station for environmental approval, and would restore access to Caltrain and the regional transit network to the Bayview community.

The District 10 15 Third Street Bus Study evaluated re-establishing the 15 Third Street Muni bus route. Residents and community members in Dogpatch, Bayview, and Hunter’s Point have raised concerns about delays and reliability of T Third light rail service on Third Street and expressed a desire to return bus service to the corridor. SFMTA is currently operating a new 15 Third Express route as identified by this study.