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The Transportation Authority is developing the Ocean Avenue Mobility Action Plan to prioritize and identify funding for transportation, pedestrian safety, bike safety, and traffic circulation improvements for the Ocean Avenue corridor between Junipero Serra Boulevard and San Jose Avenue.

Map of Ocean Avenue Mobility Action Plan project area

At the request of Transportation Authority Board Member Myrna Melgar (District 7), the Transportation Authority convened a task force of residents, businesses, and community representatives to prioritize existing transportation concepts and identify new concepts to improve transportation along Ocean Avenue. 

The task force will help develop an Action Plan that identifies priority efforts to be carried forward for implementation into subsequent planning processes.

Project Goals

The goal of the Ocean Avenue Mobility Action Plan will be to document funding and implementation strategies for already identified improvements, develop new concepts, and prioritize two large-scale improvements and two to three small-scale improvements to advance for near-term project delivery. 

Large-scale improvements may include multi-block or capital intensive projects such as protected bike lanes or major changes to the Ocean/Geneva/Frida Kahlo intersection.

Small-scale improvements may include targeted intersection changes such as lane restriping without curb reconstruction. 

Public outreach will be conducted over the course of the year to gather feedback on previously developed concepts, new concepts developed as part of the Ocean Avenue Mobility Action Plan, and relative priorities of these concepts.


  • Fall 2021 to Spring 2022

    Goals, objectives, and evaluation framework

  • Spring 2022

    Assemble existing concepts for review, public outreach

  • Summer 2022

    Concept evaluation

  • Fall 2022

    Public outreach

  • Fall 2022 to Spring 2023

    Action Plan development

Project Partners

The Ocean Avenue Mobility Action Plan will be conducted in coordination with SFMTA, SF Department of Public Works, and SF Planning.

Cost and Funding

The project is funded by the Transportation Authority’s Neighborhood Program and SFMTA Community Response Team funds at the request of District 7 Supervisor and Transportation Authority Board Member Myrna Melgar.


Ocean Avenue Mobility Action Plan Prop K Funding Request (PDF)





From the Balboa Station Area Plan to the Ocean Avenue Corridor Design project, the Ocean Avenue corridor has been the subject of many discussions regarding transit, pedestrian, and traffic improvements over the years. The purpose of this Task Force is to build upon past work and plans. Some projects have been completed or are underway and ongoing, but there are many more proposals that have not been implemented. The multifaceted needs of residents, merchants, families, students, and the City College campus community have amplified the necessity for creative solutions and the difficult decisions that must be made to address the growing needs of the corridor and the neighboring area. This process will take a comprehensive approach by looking at the area holistically to also include the emerging needs and impacts of future growth from projects like the Balboa Reservoir, City College Master Plan, and Upper Yard/Balboa Park Mixed-Use Affordable Housing Project. The task force will garner community feedback to develop and prioritize proposals into an Action Plan.

Ocean Avenue Mobility Action Plan Task Force Members

Over the course of five total meetings, the Task Force will advise Transportation Authority staff on the development of the Ocean Avenue Mobility Action Plan. Task Force members were chosen by Transportation Authority Board Members Myrna Melgar (District 7) and Ahsha Safai (District 11) and represent a variety of residents, businesses, and community representatives active in the corridor. 

Name Affiliation
Alice Guidry Sunnyside Neighborhood Association
Simon Chiu Archbishop Riordan High School
Alissa Buckley Faculty, City College of San Francisco
Jon Winston Former Chair of Balboa Reservoir CAC, Sunnyside resident
Emily Nguyen District 11 Youth Commissioner, SF Transit Riders member, Lick Wilmerding student
Dexter Washington Aptos Middle School
Simon Timothy Advocates 11 (formerly Ingleside Senior Safety Advocates)
Sabine Taliaferro Ingleside Merchants Association
Zack Deutsch-Gross SF Transit Riders, District 11 resident
Sara Barz KidSafeSF, Sunnyside resident
Heather Brandt Associate Student Council Ocean
Maurice Rivers OMI Cultural Participation Project
Yi Luo District 11, Ocean resident, youth
Pauline Jue Westwood Park Association
Public engagement

Public Engagement

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Past Events

In partnership with the District 7 Office of Supervisor and Transportation Authority Board Member Myrna Melgar, we held a virtual town hall on October 13, 2022. 

In partnership with the District 7 Office of Supervisor and Transportation Authority Board Member Myrna Melgar, we held a virtual town hall on June 15, 2022. 

Project staff attended Sunday Streets in the Excelsior on June 12, 2022. We shared information about the Ocean Avenue Mobility Action Plan and distributed the survey.

Task Force Meeting Summaries

During the October 13, 2021 Task Force Meeting 1, Transportation Authority staff gave a presentation of the Ocean Avenue Mobility Action Plan scope, objectives, task force roles throughout the project, and reviewed previous plans and studies conducted in the corridor. Staff asked for task force feedback on the project study area, initial thoughts for community engagement and feedback resulted in an adjustment to the study area to include the southeast portion of Westwood Park neighborhood (Miramar Avenue to Wildwood Way), a discussion of  key needs in the corridor, and guidance for the upcoming community engagement plan. Staff concluded with next steps for the project. 

During the February 16, 2022 Task Force Meeting 2, Transportation Authority staff gave a presentation that covered goals and projects from prior planning efforts and studies in the Ocean Avenue Mobility Action Plan study area. 

Staff presented proposed project goals and received full support from the Task Force members; the project goals are: 

  • Improve safety and connectivity for pedestrians, bicyclists
  • Improve transit efficiency, reliability, and accessibility
  • Manage congestion on streets, particularly at freeways
  • Improve livability to support economic vitality and quality of life

Staff presented projects that had been proposed or identified in prior plans but had not been implemented and asked the task force for initial perspectives about these projects. After reviewing past projects, task force members shared new project ideas that are related to traffic calming, bike and pedestrian safety improvements, and reducing transit delay. These ideas were documented for future phases of the Ocean Avenue Mobility Action Plan. Staff concluded with an overview of upcoming public outreach, which will take place in Spring/Summer 2022.

During the July 13, 2022 Task Force Meeting 3, Transportation Authority staff gave a presentation on outreach findings, how outreach findings shape the list of projects to advance, and the evaluation framework. While reviewing outreach findings, staff asked task force members to share feedback about how to expand the fall round of outreach with suggestions for new groups to speak with and for other ways to provide support. 

The task force agreed to advance a list of seven project concepts for further development and evaluation. For each of the seven concepts, task force members discussed concepts in more detail to provide staff with additional considerations for the concept refinement process.  The list of identified projects for advancement are: 

  • Pedestrian safety improvements (e.g. decorative crosswalks, pedestrian-scale lighting, and bulb-outs at intersections)
  • Geneva pedestrian, transit, bike improvements 
  • Ocean Avenue corridor safety and speed management improvements
  • Streetscape improvements (e.g. landscaping, tree planting)
  • Bike safety improvements on Ocean Ave and connectivity improvements 
  • Muni Forward improvements
  • Remove the Ocean Avenue pedestrian bridge, move the City College retaining wall, and construct a shared bike and pedestrian path

The meeting concluded with next steps, which include refining and evaluating project concepts to support upcoming outreach in the fall. The fall outreach will help further narrow the list of priority projects to advance in the Ocean Avenue Mobility Action Plan. The plan is expected to be complete by early 2023. 

During the November 16, 2022 Task Force Meeting 4, Transportation Authority staff gave a presentation recapping task force activities so far, outreach findings from the second round of public engagement, and the small and large projects to be considered for advancement. While reviewing the small and large projects, staff asked task force members to share clarifying questions to help inform a vote to determine two large projects and three small projects to be advanced. Task force members were polled on the small and large projects.

For the large projects, the task force voted for the following two projects to be advanced: 

  • Shared pedestrian and bike path improvements
  • K-Ingleside Muni Forward

For the small projects, the task force voted for two projects to be advanced. A third project is expected to be determined at the next task force meeting in early 2023.  

  • Ocean Ave Pedestrian Safety Improvements 
  • Ocean Ave Speed Management Improvements

Further technical analysis and refinement of the small projects will be developed over the coming months. Transportation Authority staff will present this additional information on small projects during the next task force meeting for task force members to consider and come to a consensus on the third large project for advancement in the Mobility Action Plan. 

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