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The Transportation Authority Board gave initial approval of the Draft District 4 Mobility Study Final Report at the July 27 meeting. The board will vote to make a final approval at the September 14 meeting. 

The District 4 Mobility Study was requested by Transportation Authority Board Member Gordon Mar (District 4) to explore ways to increase walking, biking, and transit use in the Outer Sunset and Parkside neighborhoods in order to improve health and safety, increase livability, support a thriving local economy, and address climate change locally.

The study kicked off in late 2019 with two key phases of outreach. The first phase gathered input from District 4 residents on their transportation needs and the second phase gathered feedback on developing ideas to address the needs identified in the first phase and through technical analysis. 

Past studies have shown that a high percentage of District 4 trips are made by private vehicles. Improving transit, walking, and biking options for residents and visitors would increase safety for all road users, reduce congestion, support the local economy, and result in lower greenhouse gas emissions. 

The project team conducted a travel market analysis which indicates that there is a large number of single occupancy vehicle trips occurring within District 4 and nearby to the Richmond, Inner Sunset, and northern Peninsula. Through outreach, we found that many District 4 residents selected driving over other modes of travel because of the time, reliability, and convenience of driving. To improve transportation options in the district, the project team explored and developed the following strategies: 

  • Family neighborway network
  • Safety improvements to Lincoln Way
  • Improving access and safety to key commercial corridors, including curbside loading zones, decorative pavement, and a new community shuttle
  • Improving north-south transit 

To learn more about the recommendations and next steps, read the full Draft District 4 Mobility Study Final Report (PDF). 

The Upper Great Highway Concepts Evaluation is a separate report from the District 4 Mobility Study which the Transportation Authority Board approved earlier this month


July 27, 2021 Transportation Authority Board Meeting

Watch the July 27, 2021 Transportation Authority Board Meeting (17:32)

Draft District 4 Mobility Study Final Report (PDF)

District 4 Mobility Study Final Report Appendices (PDF)

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The District 4 Mobility Study will explore ways to increase the use of non-automobile modes in the Outer Sunset and Parkside neighborhoods.