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Share How You Get Around Town 

Do you live in the Outer Sunset/Parkside neighborhoods? Take our survey to share how you get around town, and help inform our D4 Mobility study which aims to improve the health, livability, and economic vitality of the area.


The Transportation Authority is conducting the District 4 Mobility Study to explore ways to increase the use of non-automobile modes in the Outer Sunset and Parkside neighborhoods. This study aims to improve health, livability, and economic vitality in District 4 while addressing climate change at the local level. 

Past studies have shown that one of the main ways residents of District 4 get around is by driving alone. Reducing single occupancy vehicle use would provide a number of benefits for the district, as decreased vehicle miles traveled correlates with increased safety for all road users and results in lower greenhouse gas emissions. More people walking, biking, and taking transit would reduce congestion and support the local economy by making it easier for residents and visitors to access commercial districts. 

This study will explore how District 4 residents get around, identify trips that have high shares of single-occupancy vehicle trips, and explore short and medium-term strategies to reduce these drive-alone trips. 

District 4 Supervisor and Transportation Authority Board Member Gordon Mar asked the Transportation Authority to conduct this study as part of its Neighborhood Program.

Solutions that may be developed include:

  • Bicycle or pedestrian improvements
  • Transit enhancements or circulator services
  • Piloting new mobility services
  • Commute alternative programs

The study is part of Sunset Forward, a collaboration between the Office of District 4 Supervisor and Transportation Authority Board Member Gordon Mar, the San Francisco Planning Department, the San Francisco County Transportation Authority, and the District 4 Youth and Families Network, a coalition of non-profit community based-organizations in the Sunset District.

Project/Study Partners

The Transportation Authority will conduct the District 4 Mobility Study in partnership with SFMTA. 

Timeline and Status 

October 2019 - Spring 2020
Review past efforts, analyze data, identify goals and challenges

Summer/Fall 2020
Community outreach, develop solutions

Fall/Winter 2020
Final recommendations

Cost and Funding 

This project was funded by the Transportation Authority’s Neighborhood Program at the request of District 4 Supervisor and Transportation Authority Board Member Gordon Mar. SFMTA work will be supported by the General Fund. 


Camille Guiriba, Senior Transportation Planner

Public engagement

The District 4 Mobility Study team will work with community organizations, business groups, and the general public to develop recommendations to improve health, livability, and economic vitality in the neighborhood. 

Project staff led a virtual town hall on May 23, 2020. 

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Reports & documents

See below for previous reports pertaining to transportation in District 4.

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