2017 Prop AA Strategic Plan Call for Projects

2017 Call for Projects has Closed - See Below for Applications Received

The San Francisco County Transportation Authority (Transportation Authority) is pleased to announce a call for projects for the 2017 Proposition AA (Prop AA) Strategic Plan to program $23,219,292 in Prop AA vehicle registration fee revenues to specific projects for the five-year period of Fiscal Years 2017/18-2021/22.  The Prop AA Expenditure Plan allocated funds to three programmatic categories: Street Repair and Reconstruction, Pedestrian Safety, and Transit Reliability & Mobility Improvements. The amount of funds available in each category is detailed in the table below.

 Prop AA Funds Available by Category (Fiscal Years 2017/18-2021/22)
Street Repair and Reconstruction $       12,200,511
Pedestrian Safety $         5,028,522
Transit Reliability and Mobility Improvements $         5,990,258
Total Funds Available $        23,219,292


Only public agencies are eligible to apply for Prop AA funds. Public agencies may include, but are not limited to, federal, state, and local agencies and transit operators. The project sponsor is the agency that will administer the project.  


Prop AA is intended to fund small, high-impact projects that provide tangible benefits to the public in the short-term and fall into one of the following three programmatic categories: Street Repair and Reconstruction; Pedestrian Safety; and Transit Reliability and Mobility Improvements. The Prop AA Expenditure Plan establishes that revenues can only be used to fund design (not planning or environmental studies) and construction (including procurement). 


This call will program $23,219,292 in Prop AA funds for the five-year period of Fiscal Years 2017/18-2021/22. 

There is no minimum grant amount nor is there a maximum grant amount beyond that which fits within the funds available. Though no local match is required, the adopted Prop AA Strategic Plan policies specify that priority shall be given to projects that can demonstrate leveraging of Prop AA funds.


Projects are required to meet all screening criteria in order to be considered for Prop AA funding. The screening criteria are focused on meeting the eligibility requirements for Prop AA funds and include the following factors:

  • Project sponsor is an eligible public agency per the Prop AA Expenditure Plan guidelines.
  • Project is eligible for funding from one or more of Prop AA’s three programmatic categories.
  • Project is seeking Prop AA funds for design or construction (including procurement) phases only.
  • Project is consistent with the regional transportation plan.
  • Project is consistent with agency adopted plans, existing and planned land uses, adopted standards for urban design and the provision of pedestrian amenities, and planned growth in transit friendly housing, employment, and services.

Projects that meet all of the Prop AA screening criteria will then be prioritized for Prop AA funding based on, but not limited to, the general and programmatic category prioritization criteria. In general, the more criteria that a project satisfies and the better it meets them, the higher the project will be ranked. 


  • November 1, 2016: Transportation Authority Releases Prop AA Call for Projects
  • November 17, 2016: Pre-Application Workshop, 11 a.m. at Transportation Authority’s offices, immediately following November 2016 Technical Working Group meeting.
  • January 17, 2017: Prop AA Applications Due to the Transportation Authority
  • Februrary 16, 2017: Technical Working Group - Draft programming recommendations
  • February 22, 2017: Citizens Advisory Committee Meeting – ACTION
  • May 9, 2017: Transportation Authority Board Meeting – TENTATIVE APPROVAL
  • May 23, 2017: Transportation Authority Board Meeting – FINAL APPROVAL

Application Guidance AND Materials


On November 2, 2010, San Francisco voters approved Prop AA, authorizing the Transportation Authority to collect an additional $10 annual vehicle registration fee on motor vehicles registered in San Francisco and to use the proceeds to fund projects identified in the voter-approved Expenditure Plan. Total revenues are estimated over the next 30-year Expenditure Plan period at approximately $150 million (year of expenditure dollars) or about $5 million annually. The Prop AA Expenditure Plan allocated the funds to three programmatic categories. Over the life of the Expenditure Plan, the percentage allocation of vehicle registration fee revenues assigned to each category is as follows: Street Repair and Reconstruction – 50%, Pedestrian Safety – 25%, and Transit Reliability and Mobility Improvements – 25%.

In 2012, the Transportation Authority Board approved the first Prop AA Strategic Plan which, as amended, programmed $27.1 million in Prop AA funds for 22 projects in the first five years of the Prop AA Strategic Plan (Fiscal Years 2012/13-2016/17). 

To adhere to Prop AA’s voter mandate to quickly deliver benefits to the public, the Prop AA Strategic Plan policies specify timely-use-of-funds requirements to help avoid situations where funds sit unused for prolonged periods of time. Any project programmed within the Prop AA Strategic Plan that does not request allocation of funds in the year of programming may, at the discretion of the Board, have its funding delayed to future fiscal years or have its funding deobligated and reprogrammed to other projects through a competitive call for Prop AA projects.

Applications received

Street Repair and Reconstruction

Pedestrian Safety

Transit Reliability and Mobility Improvements


Mike Pickford, Transportation Planner, by email or at 415.522.4822, or Steve Rehn, Senior Transportation Planner, by email or at 415.522.4818.