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The San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) is building a new elementary school, Mission Bay School, at the intersection of 6th Street and Mission Bay Boulevard South. This project will analyze connectivity between the school site, the existing low-stress active transportation network, and existing and planned transit. The project will then design infrastructure improvements to mitigate key barriers to active transportation. The project will also coordinate expected transportation programs and improvements from projects in the area to ensure school access is supported.

This project is informed by the emerging findings from the Transportation Authority-led citywide School Access Plan, which has found that caregivers want investments in infrastructure that supports safer school trips. The project will also advance the goals of San Francisco's Safe Routes to School Program, including reducing the proportion of school trips made in a single-family vehicle to 30% by 2030.

The main tasks of the project are:

  • Outreach
  • Goals and existing conditions report
  • Develop concepts which mitigate up to two key barriers to active transportation connectivity near the school site
  • Concept evaluation and cost estimates
  • Report, recommendations, and implementation plan

This project includes $90,000 for implementation of recommendations that can be released by the Transportation Authority Board upon completion of the study. Implementation tasks to be funded are to be determined.

The Mission Bay School Access Plan Final Report will be presented to the Transportation Authority Community Advisory Committee and Board for final approval. Implementation of recommendations will be led by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency upon approval. 

The Transportation Authority’s Neighborhood Program (NTIP) is intended to strengthen project pipelines and advance the delivery of community-supported neighborhood-scale projects. 

Project/Study Partners

This project is led by the San Francisco County Transportation Authority in coordination with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency and San Francisco Unified School District.


  • Analyze connectivity between the Mission Bay School site and active transportation and transit networks
  • Design infrastructure improvements to mitigate one or two key barriers to active transportation
  • Coordinate expected transportation programs and improvements from projects in the area

Timeline and Status

  • August 2023 - April 2024


  • July - November 2023

    Establish goals and existing conditions

  • December 2023 - April 2024

    Concept development

  • May - June 2024

    Concept evaluation and cost estimation

  • July - September 2024

    Final report, recommendations, and implementation plan

The timeline for implementing the recommendations will be determined once the Final Report is approved.

Cost and Funding 

This project was funded by the Transportation Authority’s Neighborhood Program at the request of District 6 Supervisor and Transportation Authority Board Member Matt Dorsey.


San Francisco School Access Plan

Prop K Transportation Sales Tax Funding Request (PDF)


David Long, Transportation Planner

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