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The Geary/19th Avenue Subway Concept Study was identified in ConnectSF’s Transit Investment Strategy as a key investment to build more rail to San Francisco’s busiest places. The Geary/19th Avenue subway would serve what is the city’s most crowded bus corridor, connecting some of our busiest neighborhoods to downtown and regional destinations.

Planning and construction of a Geary/19th Avenue subway will be a multi-phase effort, occurring over many years. The Geary/19th Avenue Subway Concept Study will focus on the first phase of planning and development. The study will:

  • Outline potential benefits, costs, and risks of the project;
  • Identify the key questions that must be addressed and resolved as planning, design, and construction progresses; and
  • Develop a framework and process to successfully design and build the subway. 

Purpose and Objectives

The objectives of the study phase are to:

  • Describe the broad benefits, costs, and rationale for the project.
  • Explore technical aspects, work program, and governance that will be developed more fully in a subsequent alternatives analysis.
  • Identify the strategy to deliver the project, including outreach, funding, system integration, and policies.
  • Undertake initial technical coordination and policy discussions with local and regional public agencies.

This study will produce two deliverables: 

  1. Documentation of the benefits of the project along with the key issues to be addressed in the planning, design, and implementation of a subway in the Geary/19th Avenue corridor
  2. Documentation of how the project should advance, including scoping for a subsequent Alternatives Analysis phase, identification of roles and responsibilities, and a plan for outreach and engagement. 


  • SF Planning
  • BART
  • Capitol Corridor


  • Spring/Summer 2022

    Initial Planning and Technical Exploration

  • Spring 2022-Spring 2023

    Partner Engagement and Public Outreach

  • Fall 2023

    Final report

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