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The District 4 Mobility Study, which the Transportation Authority completed in 2021, identified a community shuttle as a priority. The study found that there are about 17,000 drive-alone trips within the district on an average weekday. The study also found just 4% of trips within the district use transit.  

To help implement recommendations from the study, the Transportation Authority is now developing a business plan that will define an on-demand microtransit shuttle service within District 4. The business plan will identify potential service models and establish the operating requirements of a successful service. This phase of the project also includes outlining the future operating phase cost and funding strategy.  

This District 4 Microtransit Business Plan will conduct planning for a subsequent pilot implementation of on-demand microtransit operations. Following a successful pilot, the service is envisioned to expand to meet longer-distance travel needs for District 4 residents and visitors with connections to surrounding neighborhoods with high travel demand. 

Project/Study Partners

The project is led by the Transportation Authority, in coordination with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency and Office of Economic and Workforce Development. 


The potential benefits of an on-demand microtransit (shuttle) service include:

  • Reduced vehicle trips
  • Shorter transit travel times, including shorter first/last mile and/or transit access times
  • Reduced transit cost per passenger trip 

Timeline and Status 

  • Fall 2022 – Spring 2023: Operating Models and Service Parameters Analysis
  • January – February 2023; April – May 2023: Outreach
  • Summer 2023: Establish Business Plan

Cost and Funding 

This project was funded by the Transportation Authority’s Neighborhood Program at the request of Transportation Authority Board Member Gordon Mar (District 4)


Prop K Transportation Sales Tax Funding Request (PDF)


Suany Chough, Assistant Deputy Director for Planning

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