Transportation Authority, 1455 Market Street, Floor 22

This meeting has been CANCELED

If you have any questions, please contact the Clerk of the Board at or 415-930-3132.


  1. Call to Order
  2. Chair's Report - INFORMATION

Consent Agenda

  1. Minutes from the February 22, 2023 Community Advisory Committee Meeting - ACTION*
  2. Community Advisory Committee Vacancies - INFORMATION
    The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) currently has one vacancy. The District 1 office is evaluating candidates to fill the vacancy for a District 1 representative. Rosa Chen, the District 3 representative’s term expires at the end of March. Ms. Chen is seeking reappointment and the District 3 office has indicated they intend to nominate Ms. Chen at the upcoming April Board meeting. Applications for the CAC can be submitted through the Transportation Authority’s website at

End of Consent Agenda

  1. Adopt a Motion of Support to Adopt Traffic Congestion Mitigation Tax Program Guidelines and Program $21,279,740 in Fiscal Years 2022/23 and 2023/24 TNC Tax Funds to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency for Four Projects — ACTION*
    Projects: SFMTA: FY23 Vision Zero Quick-Build Program (Part 2) ($2,451,857), FY24 Vision Zero Quick-Build Program ($9,493,883), FY22 Application Based Residential Traffic Calming ($5,400,000), FY24 and FY25 Residential Traffic Calming Program (New Rolling Program) ($4,270,000).
  2. Adopt a Motion of Support to Allocate $2,451,857 in Traffic Congestion Mitigation Tax Funds, with Conditions, to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency for the FY23 Vision Zero Quick-Build Program (Part 2) — ACTION*
  3. Item #7 - ACTION*
    Adopt a Motion of Support to Authorize the Executive Director to Enter into a Funding Agreement with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission for a Total Amount Not to Exceed $270,000 for San Francisco Travel Diary Survey Data Collection— ACTION*
  4. Item #8 - ACTION*
    Adopt a Motion of Support to Amend the Adopted Fiscal Year 2022/23 Budget to Increase Revenues by $31,243,544, Decrease Expenditures by $19,121,435 and Decrease Other Financing Sources by $55,000,000 for a Total Net Decrease in Fund Balance of $856,528 — ACTION*
  5. Adopt a Motion of Support to Approve the Revised Administrative Code and the Debt; Equal Benefits; Investment; Procurement; Rules of Order; Sunshine; and Travel, Conference, Training, and Business Expense Reimbursement Policies — ACTION*
  6. Bay Area Express Lanes Update - INFORMATION
    Informational update regarding Express Lanes in the Bay Area, including an overview and status of San Francisco projects (101/280 Managed Lanes) and presentations about related efforts lead by Caltrans (State Roadway Pricing Work Group), Metropolitan Transportation Commission (Express Lanes Strategic Plan, Express Lane START equity program), and San Mateo Joint Powers Authority (101 Express Lanes and Equity Program).

Other Items

  1. Introduction of New Business — INFORMATION
    During this segment of the meeting, CAC members may make comments on items not specifically listed above or introduce or request items for future consideration.
  2. Public Comment
  3. Adjournment