5YPP documents include descriptions of project and sponsor eligibility for category funds, prioritization criteria, project delivery from previous funding cycles, and information on projects programmed in the 2023 5YPP cycle.

Muni Reliability and Efficiency Improvements (EP 1)

Programmatic improvements that improve the reliability and speed of Muni bus and rail service.


Muni Rail Core Capacity (EP 2)

Programmatic improvements that increase the reliability and capacity of Muni’s rail system by supporting longer and more frequent trains.


BART Core Capacity (EP 3)

Improvements that will allow BART to operate up to 30 ten-car trains per hour in each direction through the existing Transbay Tube.


Caltrain Service Vision: Capital System Capacity Investments (EP 4)

Programmatic capital improvements that will allow Caltrain service to operate up to eight trans per direction per hour consistent with the Caltrain Business Plan Service Vision.

(No 5YPP required at this time since this program has no Priority 1 sales tax funds.)

Caltrain Downtown Rail Extension and Pennsylvania Alignment (EP 5)

Caltrain Downtown Rail Extension: The underground extension of the Caltrain commuter rail system from the current Caltrain San Francisco terminus into the Salesforce Transit Center.

Pennsylvania Alignment: Below-grade rail alignment extending south from the planned Downtown Rail Extension.


Muni Transit Maintenance, Rehabilitation, and Replacement (EP 6)

Programmatic improvements for upgrade, rehabilitation, and replacement of Muni’s capital assets.


BART Transit Maintenance, Rehabilitation, and Replacement (EP 7)

Programmatic improvements for the upgrade, rehabilitation, and replacement of BART’s capital assets.


Caltrain Transit Maintenance, Rehabilitation, and Replacement (EP 8)

Provides San Francisco’s local match contribution for the Caltrain capital program. Programmatic improvements for the upgrade, rehabilitation, and replacement of Caltrain’s capital assets.


Ferry Transit Maintenance, Rehabilitation, and Replacement (EP 9)

Programmatic improvements for the upgrade, rehabilitation, and replacement of landside ferry facilities, passenger-serving facilities, and facilities-related equipment.


Transit Enhancements (EP 10)

Customer-facing programmatic improvements that promote system connectivity, accessibility, and reliability, and improve transit service experience for riders.

EP 10 5YPP (PDF)

Bayview Caltrain Station (EP 11)

Construction of a new or relocated Caltrain station in the Bayview.

EP 11 5YPP (PDF)

Mission Bay Ferry Landing (EP 12)

A new ferry landing serving the Mission Bay neighborhood to enable regional ferry service.

EP 12 5YPP (Under Development)

Next Generation Transit Investments (EP 13)

Planning and project development for major transit capital projects that promote system connectivity and accessibility, close service gaps, and improve and expand transit service levels.

EP 13 5YPP (Under Development)

Paratransit (EP 14)

Continued support for paratransit door-to-door van, taxi, and other transportation services for seniors and people with disabilities who are unable to use fixed route transit service.

EP 14 5YPP (PDF)

Street Resurfacing, Rehabilitation, and Maintenance (EP 15)

Repaving and reconstruction of city streets to prevent deterioration of the roadway system, based on an industry-standard pavement management system designed to inform cost-effective roadway maintenance. Replacement of street repair and cleaning equipment according to industry standards, including but not limited to asphalt pavers, dump trucks, sweepers, and front-end loaders.

EP 15 5YPP (PDF)

Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities Maintenance (EP 16)

Maintenance of pedestrian and bicycle facilities, including public sidewalks, stairways, retaining walls, guardrails, rockfall barriers, safe-hit posts, painted safety zones, green bike lanes, crosswalks, and paths.

EP 16 5YPP (PDF)

Traffic Signs and Signals Maintenance (EP 17)

Maintenance and upgrade of traffic signs and signals, including for pedestrians and bicyclists.

EP 17 5YPP (PDF)

Safer and Complete Streets (EP 18)

Programmatic improvements to the transportation system to make it safer for all users and help achieve the City’s Vision Zero goals.

EP 18 5YPP (PDF)

Curb Ramps (EP 19)

Construction of new Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant curb ramps and related roadway work to permit ease of movement, and reconstruction of existing ramps.

EP 19 5YPP (PDF)

Tree Planting (EP 20)

Planting and establishment of street trees in public rights-of-way throughout the city, prioritized in neighborhoods and/or areas with lower tree canopy coverage.

EP 20 5YPP (PDF)

Vision Zero Ramps (EP 21)

Programmatic improvements to benefit all users of intersections where freeway on- and off-ramps intersect with city streets to support the City’s Vision Zero policy to eliminate traffic deaths.

EP 21 5YPP (PDF)

Managed Lanes and Express Bus (EP 22)

Programmatic improvements to San Francisco’s freeways to improve transit speeds (e.g., express bus) and reliability, and promote carpooling.

EP 22 5YPP (Under Development)

Transformative Freeway and Major Street Projects (EP 23)

Planning and project development for transformative multi-modal improvements that are designed to improve safety, enhance multi-modal connectivity, and/or reconnect communities and repair the harm created by past freeway and street projects.

EP 23 5YPP (Under Development)

Transportation Demand Management (EP 24)

Transportation Demand Management (TDM) improvements intended to shift trips to sustainable modes like transit, biking, and walking, and shift travel to less congested times.

EP 24 5YPP (PDF)

Neighborhood Transportation Program (EP 25)

The Neighborhood Transportation Program (NTP) funds community-based neighborhood-scale transportation improvements.

EP 25 5YPP (PDF)

Equity Priority Transportation Program (EP 26)

The Equity Priority Transportation Program (EPTP) funds equity priority community-based projects in underserved neighborhoods and areas with vulnerable populations (e.g., low-income communities, seniors, children, and/or people with disabilities) as well as citywide equity evaluations and planning efforts.

EP 26 5YPP (Under Development)

Development Oriented Transportation (EP 27)

The Development-Oriented Transportation Program funds community-based planning to identify transportation improvements that support increased housing density in existing, primarily low-density neighborhoods of the city, as well as project development and implementation.

EP 27 5YPP (Under Development)

Citywide / Modal Planning (EP 28)

Citywide and network-wide transportation studies and planning such as updates to the Countywide Transportation Plan or long-range modal studies.

EP 28 5YPP (Under Development)