A view of Cow Palace from the Geneva Ave/Schwerin intersection


The Geneva-Harney Bus Rapid Transit line is a proposed rapid transit service that will provide existing and future neighborhoods along the San Mateo-San Francisco Counties border with a rapid bus connection to regional transit service. Geneva-Harney Bus Rapid Transit will improve Muni 28R operations to provide faster and more reliable service, and will also upgrade the safety and amenities for all roadway users. The project is identified as a requirement for the major developments in the area. 

The Geneva-Harney Bus Rapid Transit Feasibility Study, released in July 2015, conducted conceptual planning, design, and evaluation of several bus rapid transit options for the area. This study was the first step in defining a near-term alignment for a rapid transit connection in the Geneva-Harney corridor and prepared the bus project for the environmental clearance phase.


  • Develop and illustrate feasible design options for bus rapid transit in the Geneva-Harney corridor.
  • Develop an interim solution for faster, more reliable transit on Geneva.
  • Gauge community support in Daly City, Brisbane, and San Francisco for new bus service in the Geneva-Harney corridor.
  • Begin community and agency dialogue on bus rapid transit and routing alternatives in the corridor, noting benefits and tradeoffs.
A map of the study area

Timeline and Status 

The study was completed in summer 2015. The first phase of the bus rapid transit is under construction as part of the Candlestick Point/Hunters Point Shipyard Development Project. SFMTA is currently leading the Southeast Muni Expansion Study which will prioritize future phases of Geneva Bus Rapid Transit.  

Study Partners

The Geneva-Harney Bus Rapid Transit Feasibility Study was conducted via a partnership between the Transportation Authority and local and regional partners. The Transportation Authority led the inter-agency coordination effort with all affected land use jurisdictions and transportation agencies to develop local consensus on the proposed designs and service.

The study was supported by a Technical Partners Advisory Committee, comprised of the SFMTA, San Francisco Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure, SF Public Works, SF Planning, San Francisco Office of the Mayor, City of Daly City, and Caltrans.

The project was also guided by a Community Advisory Committee, comprised of residents and workers of San Francisco, Brisbane, and Daly City who use the Geneva-Harney Corridor.

Cost and Funding 

This study was funded by the Caltrans Planning Grant program and San Francisco‚Äôs Prop K half-cent sales tax for transportation.  


Final Report: Geneva-Harney Bus Rapid Transit Feasibility Study, 2015 (PDF)

SFMTA Southeast Muni Expansion webpage 

SFMTA Candlestick Point/Hunters Point Shipyard Development Project webpage

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