The 25 Muni bus which serves Treasure Island on the road with Salesforce building and other buildings visible in background

Photo by SFMTA Photography Department

During the September 26 Transportation Authority Board meeting, board members approved the Treasure Island Supplemental Transportation Study Final Report. The Treasure Island Supplemental Transportation Study was requested by former District 6 Transportation Authority board member Matt Haney to identify near-term supplemental transportation services that can meet the needs of existing Treasure Island residents. Current District 6 Transportation Authority board member Matt Dorsey commended the team and expressed his appreciation for their work on the project at the September 12 Transportation Authority Board meeting.

The Transportation Authority partnered with One Treasure Island to conduct outreach, which included a workgroup, survey, and focus groups that provided feedback on potential supplemental transportation options. 

The top five priority actions recommended in the report are:

  • Launch a community ambassador program that welcomes new residents and businesses and hosts community transportation trainings
  • Improve bus shelters to increase safety at and around bus stops
  • Pilot a microtransit shuttle to provide service between Treasure Island and San Francisco
  • Expand Muni service to provide one-seat rides to more destinations in San Francisco
  • Improve marketing and communications for existing and new transportation services and programs

Read the full Treasure Island Supplemental Transportation Study Final Report (PDF)

In September, we submitted a Concept Phase Application to the California Air Resources Board for a $10.6 million Sustainable Transportation Equity Project grant to develop and launch some of the priority actions recommended in the final report. The California Air Resources Board has invited us to submit a full grant application, which will get us closer to identifying a potential source of funding.

Most top priority actions will require a new stable source of ongoing operating funding. A potential source of operating funding could be identified through the Treasure Island Mobility Management Agency’s travel demand management program, as called for in the Treasure Island Transportation Implementation Plan

Watch the September 12 presentation at the Transportation Authority Board meeting

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The study goal is to understand resident and worker transportation needs, outline recommended short-term public transit improvements, and plan for supplemental transportation options.

The Treasure Island Transportation Program will address the island's growing transportation needs with a goal to have at least 50 percent of trips made by transit instead of private vehicles.