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The goal of the Treasure Island Supplemental Transportation Study is to understand resident and worker transportation needs, outline recommended short-term public transit improvements, and plan for supplemental transportation options. 

Outreach included a survey, advisory workgroup, and focus groups.

The study supports the Treasure Island Transportation Program.

Recommendations from the study could include (and are not limited to) an on-demand shuttle, shared van, and/or ride-share subsidy to support transportation for residents and workers on the island. 


The objectives for supplemental services are connectivity, safety, community, affordability, and action. 

  • Connectivity: Improve quality and availability of transportation options to/from key destinations in San Francisco, especially for residents and workers.
  • Safety: Ensure transportation options to/from Treasure Island are safe for all community members.
  • Community: Address the community’s essential service access needs especially for low-income residents and workers.
  • Affordability: Maximize cost effectiveness for transportation users and providers and leverage existing resources.
  • Action: Prioritize strategies that have opportunities for quick and sustained implementation.


The top strategies identified through the survey, workgroup, and focus groups are:

  • Community Ambassador program
  • Microtransit shuttle pilot
  • Expanded Muni service
  • Improve bus shelters
  • Marketing and communications for existing and new mobility services 

These strategies will be prioritized and developed with implementation steps. 

Project/Study Partners

This project is led by the Transportation Authority in partnership with One Treasure Island

Cost and Funding

This project was funded by the Transportation Authority’s Neighborhood Program at the request of former Transportation Authority Board Member Matt Haney (District 6). 


  • Spring 2022

    Public outreach, data collection

  • Winter 2022


  • Spring 2023

    Final report, implementation plan

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