Last weekend, District 9 Supervisor Hillary Ronen, community members, and state and local transportation agency representatives gathered to celebrate the installation of protected bike lanes along Alemany Boulevard and San Bruno Avenue at the U.S. 101/I-280 interchange. 

The Alemany Interchange Bike Lanes Project includes new crosswalk striping, protected bike lanes, green painted bike left-turn boxes, and a lane reduction on Alemany Boulevard, making it safer and easier for people to bike and walk between the Portola and Bernal neighborhoods. 

These improvements were suggested by area residents from the Portola Neighborhood Association and later planned through the Alemany Interchange Improvements Study, which was funded and led by the Transportation Authority. This celebration marked the completion of the Alemany Interchange Bike Lanes Project, which is the first phase of improvements recommended in the study. The project was delivered by the SFMTA in partnership with Caltrans and SF Public Works. Planning, design and construction for the project totaled $376,600 and was funded by San Francisco’s half-cent sales tax for transportation.  

Phase II Improvements 

The second phase of improvements is being led by SF Public Works in partnership with SFMTA, the Transportation Authority, and Caltrans. Construction on Phase II improvements is expected to begin later this year with completion in spring 2022.  

Phase II improvements will include: 

  • A new shared use path connecting San Bruno Avenue to the Alemany Farmers Market.
  • A new signalized crossing with new curb ramps connecting the shared use path to the Alemany Farmers Market.
  • Modified signalized crossing with new curb ramps connecting the shared use path to the south of Alemany Blvd./San Bruno Ave.
  • A new stormwater collection basin to help alleviate stormwater runoff for potential future stormwater improvements to the Alemany Blvd corridor.
  • New trees adjacent to the shared path to add greening for future potential greening projects by the City or community groups.
  • An extended sidewalk/bulbout on the southwest corner of Alemany Blvd and San Bruno Ave.

Funding for Phase II of the project totals approximately $3.2 million and will be provided by a state Active Transportation Program Grant, San Francisco’s half-cent sales tax for transportation, and the San Francisco General Fund. 

More Information

Read the press release
Visit the SFMTA’s website to learn more about the Alemany Interchange Bike Lanes Project. 
Visit the Transportation Authority’s website to learn more about the Alemany Interchange Improvements Study. 

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