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The Alemany interchange is a key connection between the communities of Bernal Heights, the Portola, Silver Terrace, and the Bayview, but is a challenging environment for pedestrians and bicyclists to navigate. Key roads in this interchange have been as part of the San Francisco’s Vision Zero High-Injury Network, and several severe-injury or fatal collisions have occurred in and near the interchange. 

Finalized in April 2017, the Alemany Interchange Improvement Study outlined a list of safety and accessibility recommendations for the Alemany interchange. The study was requested by former District 9 Supervisor and Transportation Authority Board Member David Campos and relied on input from neighboring communities, including the Portola Neighborhood Association. 

The Transportation Authority studied safety improvements for the area and funded implementation of near-term upgrades, including buffered bike lanes being implemented in early 2019 by SFMTA and a multi-use path connecting to the Alemany Farmers Market to be implemented by SF Public Works.

Study Recommendations

Alemany Interchange Improvement Study recommendations included two specific proposals for the interchange: a new multi-use path with signalized pedestrian crossings and new bicycle lane and crosswalk striping.

New bicycle lanes and crosswalk striping

A new buffered bicycle lane along Alemany Boulevard between Putnam Street and Bayshore Boulevard would increase safety and eliminate a gap between Putnam Street and Bayshore Boulevard. This improvement also includes curb extensions to realign and reduce vehicle speed at the intersection which would increase safety throughout this interchange.

The SFMTA is using Neighborhood Program funds to implement new buffered bike lanes, flexible delineator posts to separate the bikeways from vehicles, high visibility crosswalks and hatched shoulders and narrowed travel lanes to reduce speeding as part of the Alemany Interchange Bike Lanes Project. Implementation is expected to be complete by Spring 2019. 

This work was funded at the request of District 9 Supervisor and Transportation Authority Board Member Hillary Ronen

A map of the project area

Multi-use path with signalized pedestrian crossings

A new north-south pathway for pedestrians and bicyclists will connect San Bruno Avenue to the Alemany Farmers Market. The proposed multi-use path would provide a direct access from Alemany Farmers Market to other nearby neighborhoods. This improvement would also include a new crosswalk and traffic signal, which would increase safety and accessibility for pedestrians and bicyclists who are traveling from the Alemany Farmers Market to the intersection of Alemany Boulevard and San Bruno Avenue.

With additional District 9 Neighborhood Program support, SF Public Works is designing the new multi-use path for pedestrians and bicyclists, connecting San Bruno Avenue to the Alemany Farmer’s Market. The project will involve grading and drainage, new traffic signals and high visibility crosswalks. 

In December 2018, the California Transportation Commission announced an award of $2 million from California’s Active Transportation Program (funded by the Senate Bill 1 gas tax program) to San Francisco Public Works for construction of the path and related improvements. Neighborhood Program funding laid the groundwork for the State funding award.


David Froehlich, SF Public Works


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