101 and 280 Intersection

Photo by SFMTA Photography Department

San Francisco was awarded two grants as part of U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s recent announcement of $800 million for projects nationwide in the Safe Streets for All program. This program funds both planning and capital projects to prevent roadway deaths and serious injuries. 

The two awards include granting the Transportation Authority $360,000 for our Streets and Freeways Strategy Vision Zero Freeway Ramp Intersection Safety Study at the U.S. 101 and I-280 intersection and $17 million for SFMTA to implement the Western Addition Community-based Transportation Plan. 

The U.S. 101 and I-280 intersection study will develop safety recommendations for the busy on- and off-  freeway ramps that intersect with city streets that have a history of traffic collisions or are on the city’s High-Injury Network. The study area is located near schools, churches and a busy weekend farmer’s market.

The Transportation Authority’s study to increase safety and reduce conflicts will include public outreach and technical work in partnership with community members, SFMTA, Public Works, and Caltrans to develop capital and operational improvements.

Potential improvements include:

  • Curb Extensions 
  • Advanced Pedestrian Signals 
  • Protected Turn Signals 
  • Street Lighting 
  • Advance Stop Lines 
  • Larger Signals
  • Improved Signage 
  • New Crosswalks

The study will identify freeway ramp locations for near-term safety improvements to increase safety, close gaps in the walking and biking network, and improve connections to transit and essential community destinations. 

This project is the third planning initiative focused on intersections and freeway ramps in the city. 

The initial two planning efforts, also led by the Transportation Authority, were located in the SoMA neighborhood. These resulted in several recommended improvements, which include the following intersections:

  • Essex / Harrison 
  • Bryant / Harrison
  • 9th / Bryant
  • 10th / Bryant
  • 5th / Harrison
  • 5th / Bryant
  • 13th / Mission / Otis
  • 13th / South Van Ness
  • 7th / Harrison
  • 8th between Bryant / Harrison
  • 8th / Bryant

The Western Addition project was funded through the Transportation Authority’s Neighborhood Program and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s Community-based Transportation Plan grant program.

Funding for the Safe Streets and Roads for All program for fiscal year 2023 is expected to open in April for the second round of planning and implementation grants.

The Transportation Authority plans to request matching funds following the adoption of Proposition L’s strategic plan and the 5-Year Prioritization Program

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San Francisco has vowed to eliminate all traffic-related deaths by 2024 through education, enforcement, and road infrastructure redesign.