Pedestrians and buses in Chinatown

Photo by SFMTA Photography Department

Following passage of the Prop L Transportation Sales Tax in November 2022, the Transportation Authority is developing funding priorities for the 30 year measure, with a focus on the first five years. Prop L sales tax funds will improve transportation of all modes through citywide investments and projects, large and small, in every neighborhood.

With the first Prop L dollars being collected in April, Transportation Authority staff are currently preparing the Prop L Strategic Plan, which sets out the implementation policies and expected revenues and expenditures for the 30 year sales tax program. We are seeking the public’s input on the first five years of the program, to help develop 5-Year Prioritization Programs for 28 categories of improvements and major capital investment projects that were included in the Prop L Expenditure Plan.  

The Transportation Expenditure Plan includes funding for:

  • Neighborhood-level investments such as crosswalks, traffic calming, street resurfacing, traffic signals, bicycle lanes, and Safe Routes to School programs;
  • Muni and BART system improvements including maintaining buses and trains so they operate safely and reliably, electrifying Muni’s bus fleet, and upgrading stations and transit routes, including pedestrian access and signal priority;
  • Paratransit services for seniors and persons with disabilities;
  • Implementing improvements identified in community-based plans across the city and particularly in Equity Priority Communities; and
  • Major  projects like The Portal (Caltrain Rail Extension to the Salesforce Transit Center)  and planning and project development for next generation transit and transformative freeway and major streets projects. 

What specific projects and programs should we fund in the next five years? 

Here’s how to give us feedback:

Public feedback will be shared with our partner agencies that are developing project proposals and will ultimately help guide the funding recommendations that are considered for approval by the Transportation Authority Board this summer and fall. 

For more background information, please visit the Expenditure Plan page