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Last year, Transportation Authority Board Member Gordon Mar (District 4) asked the Transportation Authority to conduct the District 4 Mobility Study to analyze the travel patterns in the Outer Sunset and Parkside neighborhoods and identify ways to increase walking, biking and transit options in and around the area. District 4 has some of the highest shares of drive alone trips in the city. The outcome of the study will include recommendations for short and medium-term strategies to make it easier and more convenient for residents and visitors in the area to take transit, bicycle, walk and carpool.

This study aims to improve the health and livability of District 4 while enhancing economic vitality and addressing climate change at the local level. Outreach has begun on the study starting with the District 4 Mobility Study Town Hall hosted by the Supervisor on May 23.

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Before the pandemic, there were about 342,000 daily trips starting and ending in District 4 with about 76% of them happening by car, with 35% being trips where someone is driving alone. Reducing single occupancy vehicle use would provide a number of benefits for the district, as decreased vehicle miles traveled correlates with increased safety for all road users and results in lower greenhouse gas emissions. More people walking, biking, and taking transit would reduce congestion while supporting the local economy by making it easier for residents and visitors to access commercial districts.

While driving has dramatically decreased everywhere because of coronavirus, the study provides us with the opportunity to plan for a more sustainable recovery by expanding the mobility options in District 4 for the future.

Strategies the project team will explore include:

  • Improving pedestrian connections
  • Expanding bike network
  • Transit enhancements or circulator services
  • Piloting micro-mobility services
  • Addressing parking and congestion
  • Commute alternative programs and incentives

This project is funded by the Transportation Authority’s Neighborhood Program and the General Fund. SFMTA is a partner in the study.

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The District 4 Mobility Study will explore ways to increase the use of non-automobile modes in the Outer Sunset and Parkside neighborhoods.

Replacing car travel with more sustainable modes will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create a healthier environment for San Francisco residents, workers, and visitors. 

San Francisco's voter-approved Transit-First Policy states that decisions regarding the use of our public streets and sidewalks shall prioritize public rights of way for pedestrians, bicyclists, and public transit.