Kids crossing the street at Geary

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The Western Addition Community-Based Transportation Plan brought local residents, community organizations, and transportation agencies together to address the neighborhood’s transportation challenges.

The project team partnered with community-based organization Mo’MAGIC to collaborate directly with community members to identify transportation challenges and solutions. The project team incorporated community input in the development of streetscape recommendations throughout the neighborhood. 

Summary of Recommendations

Near-term: Quick and effective pedestrian safety improvements, such as giving pedestrians a head start when crossing the street, were proposed for 41 community-identified and high-injury intersections to improve pedestrian safety.

Medium-term: The plan proposed corridor design enhancement projects on Golden Gate and Turk. Signal enhancements like pedestrian countdown signals and flashing lights for pedestrians were proposed for community identified intersections. The proposed Fillmore Connections Project will add pedestrian improvements near Raymond Kimbell Playground.

Long-term: Proposed long-term and large capital projects will improve safety and access to neighborhood recreation like the Buchanan Street Mall. The plan also proposed a Walkable Western Addition initiative to improve pedestrian lighting to address crime and safely connect residents to transit, specifically Owl service. The Transportation Authority programmed approximately $900,000 in the 2017 Prop AA Strategic Plan to implement pedestrian lighting recommended in the plan.

Project/Study Partners


Mo’MAGIC Community-based Organization

Western Addition Community members

Cost & Funding 

This project was funded through the Transportation Authority’s Neighborhood Program and Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s Community Based Transportation Planning Grant Program.


SFMTA project webpage

Final Report: Western Addition Community-Based Transportation Plan, 2017 (PDF)


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Our Neighborhood Program supports neighborhood-scale planning efforts and project implementation in each supervisorial district.

San Francisco’s Equity Priority Communities include a diverse cross-section of populations and communities that could be considered disadvantaged or vulnerable now and in the future.

San Francisco has vowed to eliminate all traffic-related deaths by 2024 through education, enforcement, and road infrastructure redesign.

The Buchanan Mall Bulb-outs project will enhance safety and connectivity for people walking to the Buchanan mall and surrounding neighborhood by implementing improvements at two intersections, as evaluated and recommended in the Western Addition Community Based Transportation Plan.