Kids and adults ride bikes in the bike lane on Valencia Street

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The Valencia Long-Term Bikeway Study will identify long-term concepts for safety and streetscape improvements on the Valencia Street corridor between Market Street and Cesar Chavez. The project will combine technical analysis, stakeholder input, and concept design for pilot block tests to study several community-generated concepts, including a curbside two-way protected bikeway, a pedestrianized Valencia Street, or that may result in converting the corridor to a one-way street or restricting through-traffic on the corridor.

The study will include: 

  • Traffic and circulation study: Study the changes in traffic patterns in the Mission Neighborhood if Valencia's existing two-way configuration is changed to a one-way street, or if vehicle through-traffic is restricted to support the long-term visions for a curbside two-way protected bikeway or pedestrianized Valencia Street.
  • Merchant outreach to identify potential pilot block(s): Support meetings with the community about the long-term vision for Valencia, provide an opportunity to share initial findings from the traffic and circulation study, and help identify potential block(s) to test the one-way or pedestrianized visions for Valencia.
  • Conceptual layout of pilot block(s): Develop engineering plans for striping, curb management, and signals to pilot one-way traffic or pedestrianized block(s) of Valencia as a demonstration and proof of concept for the long-term vision.
  • Stakeholder outreach for pilot block(s): Provide outreach, including door-to-door outreach with stakeholders located on the pilot block(s) to ensure that local access and loading needs are addressed, an open house to showcase the pilot project, office hours, and community group meetings.

The study will be used to inform the decision-making about the long-term changes to Valencia Street.

The Transportation Authority’s Neighborhood Program is intended to strengthen project pipelines and advance the delivery of community-supported neighborhood-scale projects. 

Streetscape section diagram of one option for changes to Valencia Street including a two-way cycle track on one side of the street and parklet space.
Streetscape section diagram of one option for changes to Valencia Street including bike lanes on either side and parklet space.
Streetscape section diagram of one option for changes to Valencia Street, including parklet space on each side of the street, which is open to pedestrians.

Project/Study Partners

This project is led by the SFMTA.


  • Identify long-term concepts for safety and streetscape improvements along Valencia Street
  • Improve safety for all who travel on the corridor
  • Ensure access for people and goods

Timeline and Status

  • July - September 2023

    Traffic and circulation study

  • Fall 2023


  • January - June 2024

    Conceptual layout of pilot block(s)

  • April - September 2024


  • January - March 2025

    Construction of pilot block(s)

  • January 2025 - June 2026

    Evaluation of pilot block(s)

Cost and Funding 

This project was funded by the Transportation Authority’s Neighborhood Program at the request of District 9 Supervisor and Transportation Authority Board Member Hillary Ronen.


SFMTA Project Page

Project Concepts

February 2023 Project Update

Prop K Transportation Sales Tax Funding Request (PDF)


Kimberly Leung, SFMTA, Kimberly.Leung@sfmta.com

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