Crosswalk in School Zone on Claremont Boulevard (Photo: SFMTA Photo Department)

Photo: SFMTA Photography Department


In 2019, Transportation Authority Board Member Norman Yee (D7)  engaged  District 7 community members in an inclusive participatory budgeting process to identify projects to improve the safety and quality of its neighborhoods. Through this process, community members requested traffic calming and pedestrian safety measures at specific locations. Through this project, the SFMTA plans to implement the following improvements:

  • Flashing pedestrian beacons and speed humps on Claremont Avenue, between Ulloa Street and Dewey Circle 
  • Flashing pedestrian beacons on 7th Avenue at Moraga 
  • Pedestrian refuge islands or speed humps on Yerba Buena, between Santa Clara and Miraloma 
  • Continental Crosswalk on Portola Drive between Kensington Way and Miraloma Drive 
  • Speed Radar signs on O'Shaugnessy on either side of the Malta Street intersection 
  • Speed hump on 12th Avenue between Taraval and Magellan
  • New pedestrian crossing on Clarendon at Dellbrook (Design only, to be constructed by future project.)

Project/Study Partners

Design and construction will be led by the SFMTA. 

Timeline and Status 

  • Launch project, collect data; design and legislate speed humps/ cushions and crosswalks: Fall 2019/ Winter 2020
  • Construct speed humps/cushions and crosswalks. Design and legislate flashing pedestrian beacons and speed radar signs: Spring 2020
  • Construct rectangular rapid flashing beacons and speed radar signs: Summer/ Fall 2020
  • Open for use: Winter 2020/2021

Cost and Funding 

This project was funded by the Transportation Authority’s Neighborhood Program at the request of Transportation Authority Board Member Norman Yee (D7). Additional funding comes from the SFMTA Community Response Implementation program and General Funds prioritized through the District 7 Participatory Budgeting process. 


District 7 Participatory Budgeting results page

​District 7 Budgeting Prop K Funding Request (PDF)


Nick Carr, SFMTA: nick.carr@sfmta.com

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