A satellite photo of Yerba Buena Island with north pointing up. The Hillcrest Road project area, which runs along Hillcrest Road from the westbound bridge on-ramp to Forest Road, is highlighted in yellow.


Led by the Transportation Authority, the Hillcrest Road Improvement Project will upgrade the roadway to modern standards and provide additional space for pedestrians and bicyclists. The project runs between the West Side Bridges Project to the west and the Southgate Road Interchange Improvement Project to the east. 

Improvements include: 

  • Removal of existing retaining walls and construction of new retaining walls (with drainage) set further into the hillside above Hillcrest Road, with design features to limit distractions for Bay Bridge drivers
  • Curb and gutter 
  • Street and pedestrian level lighting
  • Safety guardrails 
  • Drainage facilities, striping, signage and concrete barriers throughout the project’s length.


  • 2023

    Preliminary engineering and environmental approval

  • 2023 – 2024

    Final design

  • 2024 – 2027


Project Partners

  • Treasure Island Development Authority
  • San Francisco Public Works
  • US Coast Guard

Cost and Funding

The cost of the Hillcrest Road Improvement Project is $30 million, with funding for the project from the Infill Infrastructure Grant awarded to Treasure Island Development Authority.  


Mike Tan, Senior Engineer

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