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The Treasure Island Mobility Management Agency is preparing to pilot an autonomous shuttle service on Treasure Island to better understand how such a service could meet the needs of people traveling around the neighborhood and to provide the community with opportunities to learn about driverless technology.

The free and fully electric autonomous shuttle - called the Loop - will be one of the first demonstrations of AV shuttles on public roadways in California. The shuttle will pick up passengers along a fixed route that features seven stops around the core of Treasure Island. The shuttle will accommodate wheelchair users and have an attendant on the vehicle at all times.

What’s happening now?

The pilot program began road testing without passengers in late June to assess on-street AV functions and capabilities. Passenger service will begin as soon as late July and last for nine months.

Shuttle passenger service will operate seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on a fixed route connecting Treasure Island neighborhoods to community centers and commercial venues. The shuttle will serve locations informed by a public survey including Ship Shape Community Center, Treasure Island Wines, Mersea, and more and will run approximately every 25 minutes.

“We are excited to bring this new autonomous vehicle shuttle pilot to serve Treasure Island,” said Treasure Island Mobility Management Agency Board Chair and District 6 Supervisor Matt Dorsey. “This is an important step toward helping us create a more sustainable, accessible community for the growing population of Treasure Island.”

Pre-testing period

Before testing, TIMMA staff working with AV shuttle provider Beep obtained operating permits from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and California Department of Motor Vehicles. The shuttle team also met with first responders and staff from the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency to ensure coordination with Muni’s 25 Treasure Island bus line and to review emergency safety, incident response protocols, and communication procedures.

“We are looking forward to working in partnership with federal, regional, and local agencies, and with community and workforce groups, to learn about this application of AV technology and shared mobility services,” said TIMMA Executive Director Tilly Chang. “We invite the public to come take a ride. It's a great way to visit the neighborhood and local businesses and take in the spectacular views.”

Shuttle service provider

Florida-based Beep was selected through a competitive bidding process and operates a number of AV shuttle projects throughout the country.

“Our pilot service with TIMMA is a unique environment for our autonomous solutions to gather important data and learnings to support the future mobility strategy for the community,” said Beep CEO Joe Moye. “We look forward to another successful project with this new program on Treasure Island demonstrating how autonomous mobility will advance access for all to convenient, safe, sustainable transportation in first and last-mile use cases.”

Shuttle attendants will be present during operations to monitor the service, take control of the shuttle in case of an emergency, and answer questions from passengers. The operations and service of the vehicle will be continuously monitored through the Beep Command Center to ensure the safe operation of the shuttle.

This pilot is funded by grants for new mobility technology and community partnerships from the Federal Highway Administration, Metropolitan Transportation Commission, and Transportation Authority’s Prop L transportation sales tax program.


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