Legislative Chamber, Room 250, City Hall (Hybrid)

Commissioners: Mandelman (Chair), Peskin (Vice Chair), Chan, Dorsey, Mar, Melgar, Preston, Ronen, Safai, Stefani, and Walton.

Clerk of the Board: Elijah Saunders 

Ways to Watch: SF Cable Channel 26 or 99 (depending on your provider)  OR  www.sfgovtv.org 

PUBLIC COMMENT CALL-IN: 1 (415) 655-0001; Access Code: 2493 887 6145 # #

To make public comment on an item via the public comment call-in line, when the item is called, dial ‘*3’ to be added to the queue to speak. Do not press *3 again or you will be removed from the queue. When the system says your line is unmuted, the live operator will advise that you will be allowed 2 minutes to speak. When your 2 minutes are up, we will move on to the next caller. Calls will be taken in the order in which they are received.

Remote Access to Information and Participation

This meeting will be held in person at the location listed above.  As authorized by California Government Code Section 54953(e), it is possible that some members of the San Francisco County Transportation Authority Board may attend this meeting remotely.  In that event, those members will participate by teleconferencing.  Members of the public may attend the meeting to observe and provide public comment at the physical meeting location listed above or may watch SF Cable Channel 26 or 99 (depending on your provider) or may visit the SFGovTV website (www.sfgovtv.org) to stream the live meeting or may watch them on demand. 

Members of the public may comment on the meeting during public comment periods in person or remotely.  In-person public comment will be taken first; remote public comment will be taken after.

Written public comment may be submitted prior to the meeting by emailing the Clerk of the Transportation Authority at clerk@sfcta.org or sending written comments to Clerk of the Transportation Authority, 1455 Market Street, 22nd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103. Written comments received by 5 p.m. on the day before the meeting will be distributed to Board members before the meeting begins.


  1. Roll Call
  2. [Final Approval on First Appearance] Approve the Resolution Making Findings to Allow Teleconferenced Meetings under California Government Code Section 54953(e) - ACTION*
  3. Approve the Minutes of the September 27, 2022 Meeting — ACTION*
  4. Community Advisory Committee Report — INFORMATION*
  5. Appoint One Member to the Community Advisory Committee — ACTION*
  6. State and Federal Legislation Update – INFORMATION*
  7. Allocate $3,701,000, in Prop K Funds with Conditions, and Appropriate $800,000 for Five Requests — ACTION*
    Projects: GGBHTD: San Francisco Ferry Terminal Security Improvement Project ($347,000). SFCTA: Bayview Station Preliminary Design and Pre-Environmental ($800,000). SFMTA: Application Based Traffic Calming Program FY20-21 Cycle Construction ($2,762,000), Application-Based Traffic Calming Program FY21-22 Cycle Design ($312,000), Schools Engineering Program FY22-23 ($280,000).
  8. Approve the Transportation Authority’s Project Priorities for the Senate Bill 1 Local Partnership Program Competitive Grant Program— ACTION*
    Projects in Priority Order: 1) BART: Next Generation Faregates ($5,412,587). 2) SFPW: Transbay Howard Streetscape Improvements ($12,875,000).
  9. School Access Study Update – INFORMATION*

Other Items

  1. Introduction of New Items - INFORMATION
    During this segment of the meeting, Commissioners may make comments on items not specifically listed above or introduce or request items for future consideration.
  2. Adjournment