Japantown Buchanan Mall with pagoda in background

Photo by SFMTA Photography Department.

On June 25, the Transportation Authority Board approved a total of $2.46 million in Prop AA funds for two transportation projects including the 8th Street, Clay Street and Leavenworth Street Pavement Renovation Project and Japantown Buchanan Mall Improvements.

The Transportation Authority allocated $2.36 million from Prop AA vehicle registration funds to the 8th Street, Clay Street and Leavenworth Street Pavement Renovation Project throughout Districts 3, 5, and 6. The purpose of the project is to rebuild streets and bring them up to a state of good repair. This includes the construction and retrofit of approximately 31 curb ramps and new sidewalk construction. San Francisco Public Works expects the project to be completed by September 2026.

These improvements are planned for 29 blocks which include:

  • 7th Street from Charles J Brenham Place to Mission Street 
  • 8th Street from Mission Street to Folsom Street
  • Clay Street from Jones Street to Polk Street 
  • 141 Clementina Street from Kaplan Lane to 3rd Street
  • Golden Gate Avenue from 6th Street to Jones Street
  • Harrison Street from 8th Street to 9th Street 
  • Larkin Street from Sacramento Street to Jackson Street 
  • Leavenworth Street from McAllister Street to Bush Street

The Transportation Authority‚Äôs Japantown Buchanan Mall Improvements funding action was the allocation of $100,000 in Prop AA funds that will support the design phase of the Japantown Buchanan Mall Improvements and help revitalize the culturally significant public plaza. 
The project seeks to revitalize the space through pedestrian safety, and artistic and landscaping improvements including:

  • Repaving walkways
  • Planting additional trees and landscaping with culturally relevant plants 
  • Enhancing existing historic public art
  • Installing new pedestrian lighting
  • Additional ADA compliant improvements to curb ramps and seating

Proposition AA vehicle registration funds help improve street repair,and reconstruction, pedestrian and bicycle safety improvements throughout San Francisco. These funds will leverage California Natural Resources Agency grant funding already programmed for this project. The project is planned to be completed by December 2026.