Commissioner Preston and community members wearing orange safety vests posting with shovels by a newly planted young tree in the sidewalk

On March 9, the Transportation Authority joined Mayor Breed, District 5 Board Member Dean Preston, SF Public Works, and community members to celebrate Arbor Day at District 5’s Neighborhood Beautification Day. The event celebrated Arbor Day by planting 100 young street trees in the Tenderloin, North of Panhandle, and Hayes Valley neighborhoods. 

The Transportation Agency funded the new street trees with Prop K half-cent sales tax revenue and the city’s StreetTreeSF program waters and maintains the trees over their lifetime.  Since June 2022, we have allocated over $2.5 million half-cent transportation sales tax to fund new tree plantings. In total, the Transportation Authority has provided $22.8 million for new trees and maintaining trees since 2004.

The tree planting event was one part of the family-friendly fair hosted by SF Public Works’ Bureau of Urban Forestry. Speakers from the city and community emphasized the benefits of expanding the City’s urban forest, while attendees of all ages enjoyed the tree-centric activities. About 200 volunteers showed their support by planting trees along the street.

Beyond the natural beauty and improved air quality they provide, trees add tremendous value to urban streetscapes, including: 

  • Safety: Research has shown that trees may help reduce vehicle crashes and contribute to traffic calming by encouraging reduced driving speeds. 
  • Greener Neighborhoods: Street trees improve perceptions of safety and encourage walkability. 
  • Climate Resilience: Trees create more shade and cleaner air for street users. 
  • Racial and Social Equity: StreetTreeSF is prioritizing planting new trees in equity priority neighborhoods which have the city’s lowest tree canopy and fewest street trees.

Members of the public can request a tree planting by calling 311.


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