Cars and Muni bus on the road, crossing guard and youth in crosswalk

Photo by SFMTA Photography Department

During our Transportation Authority Board meeting, Transportation Authority Board members approved $300,000 in half-cent sales tax for transportation for the District 1 Multimodal Transportation Study. The study was requested by District 1 Transportation Authority Board Member Connie Chan and will engage the community to identify and analyze mobility challenges and develop near- and medium-term strategies to improve transit reliability and pedestrian and bike safety. 

The study will also look at vehicle trip patterns within District 1 that have a high potential to shift from private vehicle trips to alternative modes of transportation and identify one high-level strategy to support mode shift for trips that start and end within District 1. 

Community outreach is expected to be divided into three rounds, which may begin as soon as winter 2022. A final report is expected to be complete by December 2023. 

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Prop K Allocation Request Form, pages 87-95 (PDF)
Prop K Sales Tax Request Presentation (PDF)