Cyclists and pedestrians crossing with cars stopped and a crossing guard in the crosswalk.

Photo by SFMTA Photography Department

The Transportation Authority, in partnership with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority recently launched a major survey designed to learn more details about travel trends and patterns in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area, in the post-COVID era. About 750,000 households throughout the nine-county region will be randomly selected to ensure that the data is representative of San Francisco and the Bay Area, and respondents will be able to complete the study online, by phone, or through a smartphone app. 

The survey will help planners understand the extent of work-from-home/telecommuting, use of delivery services to supplement or replace home-based shopping trips, and characteristics of other trip purposes including the geographic and temporal distribution of trips and use of traditional (walk, bike, transit, carpool, drive alone) and commercial modes (conventional and driverless ridehail). This data will inform regional planning efforts such as Plan Bay Area 2050+, as well as support a number of other Transportation Authority-led efforts in San Francisco. 

For example, the Travel Demand Management Travel Market Analysis Study will use the survey data to identify travel markets in San Francisco that are best suited for TDM investments and the Transportation Sustainability Program Evaluation Tool Design and Implementation project will use the survey data to develop statistical models to quantify the effectiveness of strategies to reduce vehicles miles traveled included in San Francisco’s Transportation Sustainability Program

Learn more about the Bay Area Travel Study at MTC’s website


Press Release: MTC, Partners Launch Massive Bay Area Travel Survey Effort (MTC)

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Plan Bay Area is a 25-year plan that establishes the nine-county Bay Area region’s vision for land use and transportation.