View of Arguello Boulevard with vehicles, pedestrians, and buildings

Photo by SFMTA Photography Department

Arguello Boulevard provides an important connection in the Inner Richmond for people driving, walking, and biking. Existing traffic signal infrastructure along the street was in need of upgrades. The Transportation Authority provided almost $1.5 million in funding from the half-cent sales tax for transportation and the Prop AA Vehicle Registration Fee to support SFMTA’s Arguello Boulevard Safety Project, which also received $250,000 from other local fund sources.

As part of the project, traffic signals were upgraded at six intersections along Arguello Boulevard between Lake and Turk Streets on the Vision Zero High Injury Network. Signal upgrades include new poles, mast arms, signal heads, signage, and more. Along with the traffic signal upgrades, pedestrian countdown signals were installed at two intersections where they were missing, and 46 accessible pedestrian signals were installed at six intersections. The project also installed new poles, wiring, and improved street lighting. These upgrades will benefit all road users by improving safety and providing better visibility.


Arguello Boulevard Safety Project (SFMTA)