accessible pedestrian signal, continental crosswalk with yellow lines

Photo by SFMTA Photography Department

Safety improvements are coming to the intersection of Sickles Avenue and Alemany Boulevard. The intersection is between two High-Injury Network corridors (San Jose Avenue and Mission Street) and has been the location of bike and pedestrian injury crashes. 

Planned intersection improvements include: 

  • Traffic signal replacement and upgrades, including adding pedestrian countdown signals and accessible pedestrian signals where they are missing
  • Upgrading street lighting 
  • Adding left-turn lanes and left-turn signals for both directions of Sickles Avenue 

The Transportation Authority provided funding from the half-cent sales tax for transportation to SFMTA for the design phase of the traffic-signal upgrades. Construction for the project is anticipated to begin in 2023 and signal upgrades may be complete by 2024. 

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