Pedestrians and wheelchair user in crosswalk by Franklin and Union Streets

Photo by SFMTA Photography Department

This month the SFMTA completed construction of the Franklin Street Quick-Build Project, designed to improve pedestrian and traffic safety along Franklin Street between Broadway and Lombard streets. 

The project is a part of SFMTA’s Vision Zero Quick-Build Program which installs quick-to-deliver design treatments to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety on the Vision Zero High Injury Network

The Transportation Authority Board approved over $2.8 million in half-cent sales tax funds and $3 million in TNC Tax funds in December 2021 to support SFMTA’s Vision Zero Quick-Build Program. 

The Franklin Street Quick-Build Project features: 

  • Daylighting to increase pedestrian visibility at corners
  • Painted safety zones to reinforce pedestrian visibility and encourage vehicles to turn further away from people on the sidewalk
  • Slow turn wedges to lower vehicle turning speeds 
  • Right turn on red restrictions at selected intersections to keep crosswalks clear and reduce potential conflicts between people driving and people walking

These measures focus on pedestrian safety upgrades at the intersections, where vehicle turning speeds and potential conflicts between people driving and people walking are highest. They will create a safer environment for all road users. The project will be evaluated through the SFMTA’s Safe Streets Evaluation Program which will analyze the project area before and after implementation to review outcomes and determine design effectiveness. Evaluations will inform potential near-term modifications. 


Franklin Street Quick-Build (SFMTA)
Safe Streets Evaluation Program (SFMTA)

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