A woman crossing the street in a raised crosswalk

Photo: SFMTA Photography Department

The SFMTA’s Traffic Calming Program allows residents who are concerned about speeding on their block to apply for traffic calming improvements for their street.

Different types of traffic calming are appropriate on different types of streets – most often it involves physical safety improvements such as speed humps, speed cushions, speed tables, raised crosswalks, median islands, traffic circles, changes to lane widths, and lane shifting.

Residents who are concerned about speeding on their block must submit an application, including a petition signed by their neighbors. Learn more about application requirements from the SFMTA. 

The deadline for submitting completed applications and petitions for next year’s traffic calming program is June 28, 2019.

The Transportation Authority has dedicated $1.2 million annually for the next five years to support planning, design, and construction related to the traffic calming program with funding from San Francisco’s Prop K half-cent sales tax for transportation.