Sidewalk construction in the project area


Lombard Street is a highly-trafficked thoroughfare, with more than 40,000 vehicles 80,000 pedestrians traveling on the street each day. Part of this pedestrian activity is generated by transit use with thousands of people walking to and from their transit stops. Lombard Street is also part of San Francisco’s Vision Zero High-Injury Network. 

The Lombard Street Safety Project will implement street safety improvements such as sidewalk extensions, signal timing adjustments, and enhanced crosswalk and intersection striping to improve safety for everyone traveling along the corridor. Local agencies are coordinating these street safety improvements with underground water and wastewater infrastructure upgrades. Once the project is complete, Caltrans will repave Lombard Street.

Project/Study Partners

SF Public Works is leading this project in partnership with SFMTA, the SF Public Utilities Commission, and Caltrans.

Cost and Funding 

The Transportation Authority has contributed $646,586 toward this project for SFMTA street safety upgrades. 


SF Public Works webpage: Lombard Street Vision Zero Project

SFMTA webpage: Lombard Street Safety Project

Prop K sales tax funding request (PDF)


Mike Tan, Administrative Engineer

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