Eye-level view of an intersection, the pavement streaked with sideshow tire markings. Black and yellow striped sideshow deterrence humps, about 4 feet long, 1 foot wide, and a few inches high, protrude into the intersection from the corners and between the two lanes of each street.


The District 6 Traffic Calming and Sideshow Deterrence project will design and install traffic calming devices and sideshow deterrence measures to improve safety at eleven locations in District 6 identified by the District 6 office and its constituents.

Traffic calming devices will be installed at the following locations:

  • Harrison Street and Lapu Lapu Street – one asphalt raised crosswalk
  • Grace Street from Mission Street to Howard Street – two speed humps
  • Russ Street from Minna Street to Natoma Street – one speed hump
  • Russ Street from Natoma Street to Howard Street – one speed hump
  • Clementina Street from 4th Street to 5th Street – three speed humps
  • Natoma Street from 7th Street to 8th Street – three speed humps

Sideshow deterrence measures will be installed at the following intersections:

  • Harrison Street and 1st Street
  • Harrison Street and Fremont Street
  • Harrison Street and Main Street
  • Harrison Street and Spear Street
  • 13th Street and South Van Ness Avenue

Potential sideshow deterrence measures include, but are not limited to:

  • Botts Dots (raised pavement markers)
  • Centerline ‘hardening’ with paint, delineators, and rubber speed humps
  • Corner ‘hardening’ with paint, delineators, and rubber speed humps

The Transportation Authority’s Neighborhood Program is intended to strengthen project pipelines and advance the delivery of community-supported neighborhood-scale projects

Project Study/Partners

This project is led by the SFMTA in partnership with the San Francisco Department of Public Works and in coordination with the San Francisco Fire Department.

Timeline and Status

  • Summer 2023 - Winter 2024


  • Spring - Fall 2024


Cost and Funding

This project was funded by the Transportation Authority's Neighborhood Program at the request of District 6 Supervisor and Transportation Authority Board Member Matt Dorsey.


Prop K Transportation Sales Tax Funding Request (PDF)


Damon Curtis, SFMTA, Damon.Curtis@sfmta.com

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