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Eric Young, 415-306-4509 (Transportation Authority)

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SAN FRANCISCO – Today, in partnership with the San Francisco County Transportation Authority, Supervisor Mark Farrell called for a toll on the world-famous “crookedest” Lombard Street and released a first-of-its-kind congestion management report with recommendations to better manage traffic and protect the safety of residents and tourists.

“We need real solutions on congestion management to give the Russian Hill neighborhood relief while still maintaining visitor access to the ‘Crookedest Street,’” said Supervisor Mark Farrell. “With over two million people a year visiting the ‘Crookedest Street,’ this community and expert-driven approach is essential to maintaining public safety and ensuring that that visitors can continue to enjoy this world-famous landmark for years to come.”

Farrell requested and secured funding for the report in order to identify and evaluate a range of options for managing visitor access, traffic congestion, and safety on and around the “Crookedest Street.”

The Transportation Authority study began in 2015 with onsite observations of traffic circulation, traffic volume counts, intercept surveys, and various interviews with local residents, neighborhood associations, transportation experts, as well as local small businesses. The main goals for the study area were to:

  • Manage automobile congestion
  • Manage pedestrian congestion
  • Ensure traffic safety
  • Maintain access to the Crookedest Street
  • Maintain the livability of the surrounding neighborhood
  • Preserve tourism on the Crookedest Street
  • Implement financially viable solutions

The Transportation Authority Report identified the following short-term and mid-term recommended strategies for further planning, analysis, and development, which include:

  • Improved enforcement of existing regulations
  • Engagement of tourism industry as partners in visitor management
  • Engineering and signage enhancements
  • Reservations and Pricing vehicle access to the Crookedest Street, including the creation or designation of a dedicated management agency for the Crookedest Street and surrounding neighborhood

Before the reservation and pricing system can be fully implemented on the Crookedest Street, local approvals and legislative authority need to be obtained. Farrell is working with State Senator Scott Wiener on the state legislation necessary to allow the toll.

In March, the San Francisco County Transportation Authority Board (comprised of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors) will discuss the report in detail and give further direction on which recommendations merit further study

Farrell will continue to work with the neighborhood, the Transportation Authority, and all relevant City agencies and Departments to implement all of the best short-term and mid-term recommendations from the report.

You can access the full report here: