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The San Francisco County Transportation Authority’s Yerba Buena Island I-80 Westbound Ramps project won two major project delivery awards.

The $100 million project was opened to traffic last fall and is the agency’s first major capital construction project.

Project partners included Caltrans, Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA), Treasure Island Development Authority (TIDA), and the U.S. Coast Guard. The project’s 13.2 percent participation by Disadvantaged Business Enterprises included more than two dozen women-, African-Americanand LGBT-owned firms.

The Construction Management Association of America (Northern California Chapter) on May 18 awarded the Transportation Authority and its partners its large project Achievement Award for projects exceeding $50 million in value. Separately, the California Transportation Foundation on May 24 named the YBI Ramps the Interchange Project of the Year.

Connecting Yerba Buena Island to the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, the new, westbound I-80 on- and off-ramps opened in October 2016. The complex project provides increased safety for those traveling to and from Yerba Buena Island and Treasure Island. In addition, the ramps provide vital infrastructure for San Francisco’s planned residential and commercial development on the Islands.

"These significant industry awards are a testament to the high-quality standards of the Transportation Authority and our partners on the YBI Ramps team," said Transportation Authority Chair and San Francisco District Three Supervisor Aaron Peskin. "We’re grateful for their collaboration and commitment to DBE participation, from Caltrans’ mentoring program to our lead contractor Golden State Bridge’s achievement of exceeding our DBE goal. This team was aces across the board."

Ultimately, DBEs accounted for 13.2 percent of the work on the project, exceeding the DBE participation goal of 12.5 percent.

Among the many subcontractors were various Disadvantaged Business Enterprises such as woman-owned firms CalCon Pumping and Rupert Supply, African American-owned Transamerican Engineers and CJC Trucking and LGBTowned firm Pendergast Consulting Group.

"This project has been vital to us for a number of reasons," said Julie Berry, owner of Cal-Con Pumping. "We’re a business located on Treasure Island and our large rigs need to come on and off the Island several times a day. Not only was this project beneficial to keep our workforce employed, but we now have a significantly safer driving experience. What a team this has been to work with," Berry said. "Top notch all the way,” she said.

"The Transportation Authority’s work is at its best when it reflects contributions from all segments of our community," said Jane Kim, Transportation Authority Commissioner and San Francisco Supervisor of District Six, which includes Yerba Buena Island and Treasure Island. "Just as we did on the YBI Ramps project, we look forward to broad community involvement in our future work on Yerba Buena Island."

Later this year, the Transportation Authority will start work on the I-80/Eastbound Off Ramps/Southgate Road Relocation project on Yerba Buena Island. In 2019, the Transportation Authority will start construction on the I-80 West Side Bridges project, which will retrofit eight existing bridge structures on Treasure Island Road on the western perimeter of the island.

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