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SAN FRANCISCO – Presidio Parkway’s Phase I structures, including sections of Highways 1 and 101, and the southbound High Viaduct and Battery Tunnel, received a Bronze Rating on its Greenroads Certification, becoming the first certified sustainable highway project in the country. This certification marks a significant achievement for Caltrans and Greenroads Foundation as Caltrans is the first Department of Transportation to pursue and implement sustainable roadway measures.

“This is a milestone,” said Jeralee Anderson, Greenroads Foundation’s Executive Director. “The Golden State works hard to be known also as a green state. This first step for Caltrans proved the state is taking real action to green its transportation infrastructure and get more mileage out of transportation tax dollars.”

“We approached the Doyle Drive Presidio Parkway Project with the thought in mind that we were delivering a legacy project that current and future generations will be proud of,” says Caltrans District 4 Director Bijan Sartipi. “This project not only benefits users of the Presidio but also emphasizes our commitment to providing sustainable solutions to transportation demands.”

Tilly Chang, Executive Director of the San Francisco County Transportation Authority, said: “The San Francisco County Transportation Authority applauds the Presidio Parkway team for receiving the first Greenroads certification for this transformative project. Through excellent planning and execution by the Presidio Parkway’s various partners, this project stands as a national model for design and construction of sustainable roadways.”

The Greenroads Certification program promotes a holistic approach to the development of sustainable infrastructure, and its metrics range from “Construction Activities” and “Materials and Resources” to “Access and Equity.” Greenroads’ robust points-based metrics system made it an ideal match for furthering the Project’s sustainability goals. Presidio Parkway Phase I, led by Caltrans and SFCTA, began working with Greenroads as a Pilot Project in 2011, and was the first highway agency to engage the Greenroads Foundation. As a result of the Pilot Project process, Caltrans, SFCTA and the project team at the Arup/Parsons Brinckerhoff Joint Venture opted to pursue formal certification through Greenroads’ third-party sustainability program.

Key elements recognized by Greenroads in the Project’s Bronze Rating include an extensive public involvement process with special attention paid to biological, cultural, and natural resources. “This project earned very high marks for the context sensitive design,” said Anderson. “It is a challenge to rebuild complicated infrastructure in a dense urban environment with active traffic. The team made several good choices early on in Project development to position the Project to be successful.”

The Phase II developer, Golden Link Concessionaire (GLC), is already in the process of pursuing Greenroads Certification for Phase II of the Project.


About Greenroads Foundation

Established in 2010, Greenroads Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, which advances sustainability education and initiatives for transportation infrastructure. As the developer of the Greenroads Rating System, the Foundation manages the rating process for sustainable roadway and bridge construction projects in the U.S. and internationally. For more information, visit

About the Project

The replacement of Doyle Drive with the Presidio Parkway is a collaborative effort led by the California Department of Transportation and the San Francisco County Transportation Authority. Phase I of the Presidio Parkway was completed in 2012 and included construction of the southbound High Viaduct, southbound Battery Tunnel, and temporary bypass. These structures allowed Doyle Drive to achieve seismic safety while construction of the remaining elements is completed.

Phase II of the Presidio Parkway is the first project in California to operate as a public-private partnership (P3) under the authority of Senate Bill X2 4 passed in 2009. The selected developer (Golden Link Concessionaire) will design, build, finance, operate and maintain the project for 30 years.

Doyle Drive is the portion of Route 101 located within the Presidio of San Francisco. The roadway winds 1.5 miles along the northern edge of San Francisco, connecting the San Francisco peninsula to the Golden Gate Bridge and the North Bay. Each weekday, more than 100,000 vehicles travel between Marin and San Francisco, over the Golden Gate Bridge, and along Doyle Drive.

The old Doyle Drive was structurally and seismically deficient and needed to be replaced. The roadway was facing the same problem that threatens other crucial components of the nation's infrastructure – the ravages of time and continual use. Originally built in 1936, Doyle Drive had reached the end of its useful life. The new Presidio Parkway replacement is based on a world-class design that will improve the seismic, structural and traffic safety of the roadway. It also will be far more sensitive to community needs and to its national park setting, reducing impacts on biological, cultural, historical and natural resources and on the surrounding neighborhoods.

About the San Francisco County Transportation Authority

Created in 1989, the San Francisco County Transportation Authority spearheads strategic planning and allocates funding for transportation-related projects in San Francisco. The Transportation Authority administers the city’s half-cent transportation sales tax, the Prop AA $10 annual vehicle registration fee program and the Transportation Fund for Clean Air. The Transportation Authority also serves as San Francisco’s Congestion Management Agency and is the Treasure Island Mobility Management Agency. The Transportation Authority Board consists of the 11 members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, who act as Transportation Authority Commissioners. Commissioner Scott Wiener is Chair of the Board. Tilly Chang is the Transportation Authority’s Executive Director.

About Caltrans

Caltrans maintains over 50,000 lane miles of state highways and roadways throughout California. Caltrans strives to provide a transportation system that is safe, sustainable, integrated and efficient to enhance California’s economy and livability.