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The San Francisco County Transportation Authority Board on Tuesday, January 9 re-elected Commissioners Aaron Peskin and Katy Tang as its Chair and Vice-Chair, respectively, for 2018. Created by voters in 1989, the Transportation Authority plans, funds, and delivers local and regional projects to improve travel choices for residents, commuters, and visitors throughout San Francisco.

Under Chair Peskin’s leadership last year, the Transportation Authority provided transportation sales tax funding and prioritized other federal, state, and local funds for a range of capital improvements including Muni’s Central Subway and Van Ness and Geary bus rapid transit projects; BART and Muni station modernization and vehicle programs; regional system enhancements for ferry services, Caltrain, and the Transbay Terminal; and street resurfacing and pedestrian and bicycle safety upgrades citywide.

Chair Peskin also worked with former Mayor Edwin M. Lee to convene a Transportation Task Force that examined options for a potential local transportation revenue measure for 2018, and the agency helped shape key state transportation funding legislation including Senate Bill 1, the Road Repair and Accountability Act, and Senate Bill 595, authorizing a regional bridge toll increase for the Bay Area. Together, Chair Peskin and Vice-Chair Tang also collaborated to update and improve the city's Safe Routes to School program.

Other 2017 accomplishments included the adoption of the agency’s 30-year countywide transportation plan in conjunction with regional approval of Plan Bay Area, release of a ground-breaking report on Transportation Network Company activity in San Francisco, and the sale of $248 million in bonds to accelerate project delivery.

As he prepares for his second year, Chair Peskin said: “Thank you to my colleagues for entrusting me to lead the Transportation Authority for another year. We had a productive last year and I look forward to continuing to advance our priorities in 2018. In particular, we must continue our focus on creating local funding sources to pay for critical transit and roadway improvements, building on the work on the Transportation 2045 Task Force, and press ahead toward Vision Zero, our goal to end traffic fatalities by 2024. Whether it's neighborhood-level pedestrian safety improvements or building out our downtown core to accommodate booming job growth, smart investments in infrastructure and operations will curb congestion and keep San Francisco moving. I am committed to tackling it all, and look forward to working with colleagues and the public in the coming year.”

The Transportation Authority Board consists of the 11 members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, who elect a chair and vice-chair each January and act as Transportation Authority Commissioners.

About the San Francisco County Transportation Authority

Created in 1989, the Transportation Authority conducts countywide planning and allocates funding for transportation projects in San Francisco. The Transportation Authority administers the city’s Prop. K half-cent transportation sales tax, the Prop AA $10 annual vehicle registration fee program and the Transportation Fund for Clean Air. The Transportation Authority also serves as San Francisco’s Congestion Management Agency and is the Treasure Island Mobility Management Agency. The Transportation Authority Board consists of the 11 members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, who act as Transportation Authority Commissioners. Commissioner Aaron Peskin is Chair of the Board. Tilly Chang is the Transportation Authority’s Executive Director.