Virtual Meeting

Join us for a congestion pricing workshop co-hosted with SPUR and the SF Bicycle Coalition.

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Picture this: It’s the year 2024 and San Francisco’s economy is rebounding. The pandemic has subsided but gridlock has returned, ensnaring drivers and buses in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Though the congestion affects everyone, low-income communities and communities of color are impacted the most because they are more likely to take the bus, live in areas with higher rates of traffic collisions and polluted air and spend more of their income on transportation. Flash back to 2020, and the San Francisco County Transportation Authority is investigating how congestion pricing could help the city avoid this unwanted and inequitable future. Used to keep traffic moving in cities like London and Stockholm, the tool could increase safety, clean the air and advance equity in San Francisco. Learn more about the effort and play 'Unclog Fog City', a game where you explore the trade-offs in congestion pricing and design a program of your own.