Unclog Fog City

Thanks for your interest in playing Unclog Fog City. The Downtown Congestion Pricing Study is not currently collecting feedback through this game. This webpage is live for demonstration purposes only.

Picture this: It’s the year 2024 and San Francisco's economy is rebounding. The pandemic has subsided and more people are trying to get downtown for work, shopping, and cultural events. Gridlock has returned and buses are stuck in traffic.

A local traffic management agency known as the Transportation Authority is investigating how charging a fee to drive downtown during busy hours — a strategy called congestion pricing — could help. This tactic has kept traffic moving in cities like London and Stockholm and could increase safety, clean the air, and advance equity in San Francisco. But what should the policy look like? What should the fee be? Should certain groups receive discounts or exemptions? Where should the revenue go?

Will you help us unclog Fog City? Click the button below to design a congestion pricing program of your own. Participants will be eligible to win one of ten $100 Visa gift cards.

How to Play

Fee card

Green FEE cards: Choose a fee to enter the congestion pricing zone during weekday rush hours. There is no fee to exit the zone. Fee cards earn tokens.

Discount card

Blue DISCOUNT cards: Each card includes a discount or exemption to help protect certain groups of travelers. Choose as many blue discount cards as you want, but each card costs tokens.

Investment card

Red INVESTMENT cards: Each card includes transportation improvements to make it easier to get downtown without a car. Choose as many red investment cards as you want, but each card costs tokens.

ANALYZE: Do you have enough tokens from your FEE card to pay for your congestion pricing program? If not, choose a higher FEE card or remove some DISCOUNT or INVESTMENT cards.

The goal of this game is to collect community feedback for the Transportation Authority's Downtown Congestion Pricing Study. Visit our website or watch this video to learn more.