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TIMMA logoLATEST NEWS: Treasure island Mobility Management STUDY FINAL REPORT AVAILABLE

The TIMM Study final report is available for download (4.7MB PDF).

The appendices are not included in the document but are available for download here:


The Transportation Authority was designated as the Treasure Island Mobility Management Agency (TIMMA) in 2014. Although a separate legal entity from the Transportation Authority, TIMMA is likewise governed by a board comprised of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. The TIMMA Committee was established in June 2015 and is currently comprised of Jane Kim (Chair), Norman Yee (Vice Chair), and an additional commissioner to be named later this month.

TIMMA's charter is to plan for sustainable mobility on Treasure Island, coordinating new ferry, regional bus service, on-island shuttle, bike share, and car share opportunities. State legislation passed in 2008 enables TIMMA to implement congestion pricing on the island.


TIMMA recently drafted the Treasure Island Mobility Management Study which incorporates feedback from residents, businesses, workers, visitors, and stakeholders into policy and advisory recommendations related to congestion tolling, affordability programs, and transportation improvements on the Island.

The recommendations from the Study were adopted at the TIDA Board meeting in July 2016 and the TIMMA Board, comprised of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, approved the study’s policy actions and recommendations—also in July 2016.


The TIMMA Board will meet Tuesday, January 24, 2017, 10:30 AM in Room 250 at City Hall. At this meeting the TIMMA Board will elect a chair and vice chair.

To view the agenda and additional materials for the Treasure Island Mobility Management Agency Board meeting, please visit our website

The TIMMA Board held its first meeting in June 2015 and the TIMMA Committee held its first meeting in July 2015. The meetings of the TIMMA Board and Committee are scheduled on an ad hoc basis.

Past meetings and future scheduled meetings can be found on our meetings page. You can also sign up to receive meeting notifications via email.

Access video archive of meetings at SFGovTV


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Many thanks to the more than 300 Treasure Island residents, workers, and visitors who completed our Treasure Island Transportation Survey last fall. Your input helped us learn about existing travel patterns and concerns, as well as the transportation improvements you want to see most in the future. Download the full report of the survey results.

Didn't get a chance to take the survey? You are still welcome to fill out the survey.

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