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The Treasure Island Mobility Management Agency (TIMMA) was created to develop a transportation plan to serve the residents, businesses and visitors of Treasure Island and Yerba Buena Island. The neighborhoods are being developed to include 8,000 new homes, 500 hotel rooms, 550,000 square feet of office and retail use and open space.

TIMMA is governed by the TIMMA Board, which is comprised of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. TIMMA staff work for the San Francisco County Transportation Authority.

TIMMA’s goal is to design a transportation plan that serves as a model for sustainable development, offering ways to get around that are not dependent on cars. The initiative also extends many benefits such as new ferry and bus multi-use recreational paths, bike lanes, pedestrian-only streets, additional open space for recreation and a free on-Island shuttle.

Goals of the project include:

  • Reducing congestion
  • Ensuring that at least 50% of trips to and from the Island are using modes other than solo car trips
  • Making transit affordable and accessible
  • Encouraging a walking, transit and biking environment

LATEST NEWS: PROJECT TEAM is developing transportation plan elements

The TIMMA project team is developing drafts of several elements of the transportation plan for Treasure Island and Yerba Buena Island. They are:

  • Transportation Affordability Plan
  • Transportation Demand Management
  • Transit Pass
  • SFMTA Parking Policy

Learn more about each of these elements on the About page.


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SFCTA contact: Rachel Hiatt, Principal Transportation Planner for the Transportation Authority. Call 415.522.4809 or send her an email.